Wenhua Road, Xitun District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407


You can find night markets in every city of Taiwan. Why.....?

It's the embodiment of Taiwanese culture and the quintessential Taiwanese eating experience. From delicious street food to shopping to game stalls. They generally open 365 days a year.

I've only visited Feng Jia Night Market and Shih Lin Night Market during my Taiwan trip. I personally prefer the Feng Jia Night Market, foods were pretty much the same but the game stalls in Feng Jia Night Market offers a better price and games. 

For anyone who plans to visit Shih Lin Night Market, beware of the fruit vendors!  (Read more here)

Ok ... Let's get started! "EAT ALL YOU WANT" in Feng Jia Night Market!

Roast Suckling Pig Omelette 烤乳豬捲  | NT90

Pig's Blood Cake 猪血糕 | NT -

There's a mixture of sticky rice, soy broth and it's coated with peanut flour. It's OK to try since Pig's Blood Cake is one of the must-try snack in Taiwan. Honestly, I can't really taste the pig's blood but whenever I think of it, I just couldn't accept. 

Roasted Beef Cubes  烧厚切牛200g | NT200

Recommended! This is so SO good. Tender and juicy. 

Stinky Tofu 臭豆腐 | NT70

This is less stinky compared to the one we usually eat in Malaysia's night market. 

Angel Fried Chicken 天使雞排 | NT75

Recommended! We chose the mild spicy level to avoid tongue burning. Haha 

Small Sausage in Large Sausage 大腸包小腸 | NT50

A segment of Taiwanese pork sausage wrapped in a sticky rice, usually served chargrilled. This is also one of the must-try snack in Taiwan. 

Bacon Potato Cheese 培根起司 | NT60

Sweet Potato Ball 地瓜球 | NT80 (Large)

Recommended! It's crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. 

Niu B Fruits Skewer 牛B葫蘆王 | NT90

The honey coated around the sugar / fruits drip easily, be prepared for sticky hands after eating.

Jing Sha Clams 金莎蛤仔 | NT100

My family were eating happily at the corner, so didn't manage to snap a photo of it. Haha..

Grilled Squid 烤鱿鱼 | NT160

I'm not a squid lover but this is definitely worth trying. 

Pork Belly Bun 五花肉刈包 | NT35

Grilled Scallop 干貝燒 | NT100 for 3

Game stall 

There are different game stalls around the night market. We only aimed for the gun shooting because this is the best game! The vendor was kind, gave us a few chances to win the plushy.

NT100 / game. 
Different game stalls offer different price and game rules.

1) Bring enough of cash
2) Check the operation hours of each night markets
3) Have an early lunch so you get to try a bit of everything. 


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  1. Your pictures of the market are beautiful! I'd love to go but am not sure I would find much to eat there by the looks of it as I am vegan! Maybe the stinky tofu even though the name isn't very appealing!

    Jenny | Local Leo

    1. Hi Jenny, thank you for your compliments. The food from the pictures above are not suitable for you as a vegan, however, there are a selection of food you might be able to try it out in the market. Try the stinky tofu! It smells awful, but the taste isn't bad.