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Alishan high mountain Oolong Tea is one of the best and famous tea in Taiwan. It has many amazing benefits as it boosts our metabolism, combat heart disease and more. There are two types of Oolong tea here in Jong Sning Tea Manufacturing Factory - Oolong "Green" Tea & Oolong "Red" Tea.

DAY 1:
Kaohsiung International Airport - Jong Sning Tea Manufacturing Factory - Alishan
高雄國際機場 - 中興制茶廠 - 阿里山

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Landed in Kaohsiung Airport at 1.20pm. Headed over to the Golden Founders Travel counter to collect our pocket WiFi (booked via Klook). Connected all our devices and off we go!

Golden Founders Travel counter


Took a 10 minutes walk to Kaohsiung train station by following the rapid transit sign, hopped on a rapid transit to Zuoying HSR station via red line towards Gangshan South. Next, we took the High Speed Railway (HSR) to Chiayi station which I've pre-booked via Klook.

We arrived in Chiayi HSR station at around 4pm+ whereby the only choice was taking a cab up to Alishan (NT2600 / RM360.36 for 6 people). From Chiayi HSR station to Alishan was about 2 hours ride, the taxi driver decided to stop us at a souvenir shop and Jong Sning Tea Manufaturing Factory to take a break. Be prepared for the twists and turns road.

The scenery up to Alishan should be nice, you'll get to see all the tea plantation view but all we could see were "black" because of the early sunset. 
Note: It's best to travel up in the morning to enjoy the scenery. Taking the Alishan Forest Railway at 9am will be a good choice, ticket has to book in advance.
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1st stop:  Souvenir shop

Most of items here made with Cypress wood.

2nd stop: Jong Sning Tea Manufacturing Factory 中興制茶廠

First we get to see and learn the process of tea making outside of the factory. Our driver explained a little while we were watching. Next, we were all given a cute little tea cup to learn the right way of preparing the tea. It's not the usual procedure that I did at home. We prepared and tried the Oolong "green" tea followed by the "red" tea.

Hong Cha & Qing Cha

Oolong "Green" Tea (NTD 500/100g) is refreshing and light whereas Oolong "Red" Tea (NTD 600/100g) is a little sweeter and it's more beneficial to ladies. 

Next stop: Alishan 

The weather was freezing cold! Niceee...After checking-in at Cing Shan Hotel (click here for my hotel review), we walked around and decided to have our dinner at 999 restaurant instead of the "famous" restaurant (Shan Bin Restaurant) located opposite of the Alishan Post Office, which recommended by our taxi driver.

Total: NT1400 for 6 people

Bamboo shoots and AiYu Jelly are famous in Alishan. We almost had bamboo shoots in every of our meal here. I don't like it. Ordered a few dishes, overall was good. Guess it's because this was our first meal in Taiwan and we were too hungry.


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