Kundasang, Sabah, Malaysia


Desa Cattle Dairy Farm located at the foothill of Mount Kinabalu in Kundasang, Sabah. It offers one of the most amazing scenery one could envision. It is also an ideal destination for a family or friends trip. There are activities such as feeding the calves with bottled milk, feeding goats with grass, and learn how the milk is processed.

Desa Cattle Dairy Farm produces about 900,00 liters of milk per year. The farm is 199 hectares and most of the milking cows are Friesians, the highest milk producers of all cattle breeds.


  • Calves feeding with bottled milk
  • Goats feeding with grass
  • Learn how the milk is processed
  • Freeze your mind with the famous Desa Gelato 
  • Get some popular dairy products (Desa Cattle’s milk in a box) as a souvenir 


Entrance fees
RM5 / Adult (Malaysian)
RM4 / Child (Malaysian)
RM4 / Adult (Non Malaysian)
RM3 / Child (Non Malaysian)

Milk feeding RM1.50 / bottle
Grass feeding RM1.00

Operation Hours: 8.00am - 5.00 pm

Let's go! ---- to Desa Dairy Farm.

We took a 2hrs drive from Kota Kinabalu City to Kundasang

Majestic Mount. Kinabalu 

Stopped halfway for this magnificent view

Welcome to Kundasang!

We were finally here after a long drive. 

Entrance fee for Malaysian adult: RM5

So-called "Little New Zealand"

Friesians cattle

Yes, look at me.

Beautiful green pastures

Bottled milk finished. Hence, I bought the grass to feed the calves.

Cute little calf. 

Too cute.

We were told that the parking lots were full but people come and go, it took us only a few minutes to get parking. We spent about an hour here to explore.

The weather here was breezy, not very cold in the afternoon. Be prepared for stinky cow manure. Haha! Before we leave the beautiful place, we had this famous Desa Gelato. Thumbs up!



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