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We live in a linear economy, thereafter used products eventually end up in the landfill site or to the ocean. Climate changed. The level of pollution in the air is rising. 

Today, Zero Waste is the buzzword on every sustainable living social platforms.


It is a philosophy that encourages the public to conserves natural resources and reduce pollution. 

What we can do is to redesign the resource life cycles: reduce, reuse, and recycle. To generate absolutely no waste is impossible, but we can start off with baby steps to get as close to zero waste as possible. Mayura Apothecary is going zero waste that all of us could implement relatively quickly.


It is born as an idea of bringing true, harmless, and natural products to the public, starting with therapeutic skincare and moving on to a complete lifestyle solution, embracing healthy cooking, safe and gentle natural detergents, as well as effective remedies.

Serum, Sun Block, and Cleanser are among the selection of skin care available at Mayura Apothecary. Other items include Soap Bar, Shampoo, Hair dye and much more.

Start your Zero Waste lifestyle here by REDUCING the plastic bottles, REUSE the bottle and REFILL your shower gel or detergents here. Simple as that!

Natural soap bar 

Soap making station

My first zero waste resolution for 2019: Make my own soap bar!


Duration: 3 hours
Suitable for all beginners.

The moment I stepped into Mayura Apothecary, I was allured by the aromatic and calming scent. The soothing environment helps me get grounded and relax.  

We were welcomed with in-house herb-infused drinks before we get started. 

Welcome drink & snacks

Next, visit the little garden just outside of Mayura Apothecary. This is the best way to make learning extend outside the classroom. Sam showed us all different plants/herbs they have and explained them well. We get a close up look, feel and smell some of the plants/herbs. I couldn't remember all the names but at least I learned the function of various plants/herbs, understand more instead of making a soap bar blindly without knowing the basic of it. This is why they called it "From garden to skin: soap making workshop". 

The most exciting moment was when we get to hands-on practice for soap making by using the herbs from their garden. Sam explained the basic principles of cold and hot process soap making, the roles of the various ingredients we will be using and the standard precautions.

In this workshop, we learned to make a cold process Mulberry Hibiscus soap. Sam explained to us patiently and demonstrated the process in step by step. The whole soap making process is pretty simple and easy to learn so we can do it ourselves in the future.

Taa-daa! My first DIY Natural Soap Bar - Mulberry Hibiscus Soap was perfectly done. However, the curing period lasts up to 6 weeks. Can't wait to use it in 6 week's time!

We had a productive and healthy Sunday!

We ended our workshop with delicious local delicacy made by the Co-founder Yoking Lai and decorated by Sam. The organic black quinoa and red bean were sprouted to enhance the nutritional value and the herbs were from their own garden. It was so tasty and healthy!

Healthy local delicacy

We have learned a lot from Yoking and Sam on sustainable living. Most importantly, I'm able to make my own soap bar from now on.  I believe health and wellness are inextricably linked. Let's start our Zero Waste lifestyle by breaking it into simple steps from today.

Mayura Apothecary

Address: 3-07 3rd Floor D' Pandan Business Square, Jalan Avenue Ampang 3, Ampang Avenue, 68000, 68000 Ampang Jaya, Selangor
Operating hours: 10.30pm - 6.30pm (Tuesday closed)

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