Back pain.
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I was good, no complaints on back pain or whatsoever until I started working, I tend to have on and off upper back or lower back pain mainly due to prolonged computer work. Just so happened I found out that I have minor scoliosis a few months back during my medical checkup. Thus, I went to a physiotherapy center to consult. I was told that doing daily stretching is VERY important to reduce all sorts of body pain. As for the scoliosis case, I have to consult the scoliosis specialist for specific treatments to straighten my back.

About 20% of scoliosis is due to congenital or medical conditions whereas 80% is caused by....ourselves. Our lifestyle...the way we sit, we walk, we sleep. For example, we tend to lean towards one side while watching tv and girlssss love taking their handbag on one side. Mild scoliosis can sometimes be associated with neck pain, back pain, and leg pain. However, my back pain could be affected by mild scoliosis or it's just my bad habit that worsens the condition. 

To prevent worsening of scoliosis, to straighten your back, or to reduce back pain. First thing first, we have to change our lifestyle habit. Always sit up straight, sleep straight and never hunch your back for 24/7. Trust me, we all will be back to the "original-old-habit" in less than a week. Hahahah!

Here's why Kiper Essentials endorsed by Dato Dr Master Chris Leong, one of Malaysia's leading bone setting specialist ready to help us in relieving back pain.


The foundation to good posture is the pelvis. Traditional back supports only focus on your lumbar spine. Kiper stabilizes your pelvis, restoring your spine's natural curvature, and provides lumbar support. It is non-invasive, non-reforming, just a brace that works ergonomically. It allows you to effortlessly sit in a perfect posture to ease and/or prevent back pain. Most importantly, it is lightweight and portable, you can have treatment everywhere!

Note: Handy & Portable "pouch"

Kiper Essentials Lower Back Brace (First Gen)

Kiper Essentials Shoulder Corrector

Note: Very comfortable material!!


When I'm tired, I tend to hunch my back. It's either my mum reminds me and whack me hard at my back when she sees it or the back pain alert me "hey, stop hunching". It has become a habit. After using Kiper Essential Lower Back Brace and the Shoulder Corrector, my back pain has been gradually reduced. Our sitting or standing posture is VERY important. It helps in straightening my back effortlessly, I don't need to force myself sitting up straight which makes me feel tired easily.

I spent most of my time sitting in front of the computer. To make sure my sitting posture is correct, I would wear the Kiper Essentials for 15 minutes. I realized I'm able to sit longer than before without having back pain! 

Kiper Essentials' material is superb! It has the spongy material for the back, knees, and shoulder. It's really comfortable.


Kiper Essentials are specially targeted towards the upper back, lower back, neck, and shoulder. By wearing it for just 15 minutes a day, Kiper can retrain your body's default posture so your posture can be greatly improved when you sit or stand without Kiper and relieve your back pain.

Let's follow the easy steps:

Kiper Essentials Lower Back Brace (First Gen)
1. Sit & Wrap 
2. Align 
3. Adjust 
4. Clip



Kiper Essentials Shoulder Corrector
1. Adjust
2. Stick it

Stick it


Anytime, anywhere! Use it at a desk, during a meeting, meditate, study or watching tv. It's lightweight and portable, throw it in your bag and wear it whenever you need. With just 15 minutes a day will do the magic! As for myself, I prefer using it in the morning so I could maintain my posture for the whole day.

Kiper Essentials Lower Back Brace (First Gen)

Kiper Essentials Shoulder Corrector


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Kiper Essentials Shoulder Corrector
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