I've attended Dr. Buds Organics exclusive #Tabletalk session organized by #GuardianMalaysia about a few months ago, I was happy that I've finally found a solution for hair loss problems.

In between of the sharing session, we have mini-games. Sadly, I did not win any prizes because I couldn't handle an activity on an ad hoc basis. Opsss....but many thanks to Dr. Buds Organics & Guardian Malaysia for preparing extra gifts and goodies bag for all of us.

Activity 1

Activity 2

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A little intro...

Dr. Buds Organics products are certified organic, natural, safe and it has effective solutions for the treatment of skin and scalp such as calm irritation, relief itch, heal and protect. Dr. Buds Organics inspired by ancient remedies, it uses active ingredients which have been clinically proven to solve specific skin and scalp condition.

Dr. Buds Organics is also one of the few organic personal care product ranges in the world to have achieved certification by ECOCERT, one of the world's largest and most recognized organic certification bodies. 

Dr. Buds Organics

The product range is categorized into Acne Rescue, Eczema Rescue, Dandruff Rescue, and Hair Loss Rescue. These products can be used for treatment or prevention purposes. For example, if you do not have acne problems, you can still use Dr. Buds Organics Acne Rescue range to prevent acne problems. 

Dr. Buds Organics Hair Loss Rescue Review

I chose the Hair Loss Rescue out of all other product range because I have minor hair loss problem and would love to see how Hair Loss Rescue range works for me.

Hair Loss Rescue Soothing Shampoo RM89.90 (300ml)

Texture: Clear and medium viscosity
Smell: Soothing, light

The shampoo nurtures and protects the scalp while strengthening hair and making it nice and soft. My hair feels clean and it does not cause dryness. However, I had itchy scalp and a little dandruff in the beginning after using, due to the sudden change in hair care products.

Hair Loss Rescue Soothing Conditioner RM59.90 (150ml)

Texture: Creamy
Smell: Light

Hair feel smooth after using, not heavy or oily at all. Suitable for normal to dry hair. It is specially formulated with clinically proven plant actives and essential oils to promote a healthy scalp and hair growth. Apply and massage on the scalp for once or twice a week if you're afraid of getting oily hair, the power combination of ancient cures of Lepidiuim Meyenii Extract and Virgin Coconut Oil reinvigorates your scalp to improve hair growth and thickness.

Hair Loss Rescue Soothing Scalp Serum RM89.90 (150ml)

Texture: Watery
Smell: Soothing, Light

Hair Loss Rescue Soothing Scalp Serum does not give the cooling sensation like any other hair toners, it's light and fresh. It nurtures our scalp for hair growth and put in final guard against hair loss. 

I've finished the whole bottle of  Hair Loss Rescue Soothing Shampoo and Conditioner in 2-3 months. I wash my hair every single day. Hair feels healthier, it doesn't fall easily.

Dr Buds Organics is now available in all Guardian Malaysia. Feel free to check it out at any of the Guardian Store and experience these amazing products.

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  1. as i have tried alot of shampoos this shampoo is really good but i have to shower my hair once a day . I can see the the flakes is reducing . thanks for the best shampoo and no hair fall at all with very mild smell of shampoo and can get it at any Caring pharmacy .

    1. Hello Darsini, yes!! This shampoo is good and you can easily find it in Caring or Guardian. I personally like using the hair loss series.

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