Most of the people would visit Taiwan again and again, I was really curious what are the things that lure them back to Taiwan. So...here I am.


Autumn season! Best season to travel in Taiwan because of less rain and clear sky. I was in Taiwan from 13th Nov to 19th Nov. It wasn't cold except for Alishan and Cing Jing. The weather was mostly sunny, hot on certain days but chilly at night, walking on a night market without sweating is the best!

We were so lucky that there were no rains during our trip except for the last two days, it drizzled a bit towards the end of the day so it doesn't really affect our trip.

Things to bring

  • International charger
  • Insects repellent (Be aware of black mosquitoes)
  • Umbrella or Poncho 
  • Sunscreen

Luggage storage

The lockers are available at most of the train stations. We stored our luggage at Taipei Main Station luggage locker after our hotel check out on the last day, we then traveled freely around Taipei since our flight was at 11pm. 

Largest locker: TWD50 per every 3 hours

To all the beauty junkies!

SALES everywhere?! There are a few choices where you can shop till drop for the beauty products. Make sure to compare the prices among the stores because one store might be carrying great deals that the other is not.

Drugstore: Cosmed, Tomod's, Watson
Beauty Store: 86 Shop, Little three 小三美日


Our most visited place...because they have the best sausages here! It's just too good. Other than that, they have a wide variety of food.

My Itinerary

DAY 1: Kaohsiung International Airport - Jong Sning Tea Manufacturing Factory - Alishan
             高雄國際機場 - 中興制茶廠 - 阿里山

DAY 2: Alishan - Alishan Forest Recreation Area - Fenchihu - Tian Chang Di Jiu Bridge - CingJing
             阿里山 - 阿里山森林游乐区 - 奋起湖 - 天長地久橋 - 清境

DAY 3: CingJing - Green Green Grassland - Carton King  - Fengjia Night Market
             清境 - 清境青青草原區 - 紙箱王 - 逢甲夜市

DAY 4: Rainbow Village - Miyahara - Xin She Castle - Zhong She Flower Market - Gaomei  Wetland - Fengjia Night Market
            彩虹眷村 - 宮原眼科 - 新社莊園古堡 - 中社觀光花市 - 高美溼地 - 逢甲夜市

DAY 5: Taichung - Taipei - Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall - Jin Feng Braised Pork Rice - Shilin Night Market
              台中 -台北 - 中正紀念堂 - 金峰魯肉飯 - 士林夜市

DAY 6: Yehliu Geopark - ShiFen - Tamsui Night Market
            野柳地质公园 - 十分 - 淡水夜市

DAY 7: Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall - Taipei 101 - Xi Men Ding - TaoYuan Airport
            國父紀念館 - 台北101 - 西門町 - 台灣桃園國際機場

We traveled from a county to another mostly at night so we could have a full day to tour around. However, we missed out the beautiful scenery because of the early sunset, the sky was completely dark.

Tips / Notes:

1. As mentioned in my previous post here , you can get a Taipei round trip for this Itinerary instead of a one way trip.

2. Because it's autumn season, the sunset was around 5pm everyday! Adjust your itinerary carefully, this wasn't in my consideration & therefore there was some last minute changes.

3. Check the opening hours!
We skipped Yuyupas on Day 2 because it closed at 4.30pm. Should have visited Yuyupas before heading to Fenchihu Old Street. We also skipped JiuFen on Day 6, if we were to depart early or skip Yehliu Geopark, we might able to make it. Besides, Tamsui Night Market closed at 10.30pm, all shops were closed when we arrived. Should go to Raohe Night Market instead.

4. I would prefer to take a chartered car private tour to tour around taipei-yehliu-shifen-jiufen for the next trip. This way we could visit more places & save more time.

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