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I had an amazing Iberico feast at Naughty Nuri's. If you love fatty juicy pork, Naughty Nuri's NEW menu is just right for you!


Naughty Nuri's originally from Ubud, Bali opened in Desa Sri Hartams back in December 2014. It has 3 other outlets successfully been launched in Subang SS15 Courtyard, Life Centre KL and Atria Shopping Gallery. The mouthwatering pork ribs steeped in Balinese spices and a robust savoury sauce attract lots of food junkie to dine in. Moreover, you're able to get a 650-700 grams hearty serving at RM49 only!

Naughty Nuri's @ Atria Shopping Gallery

Naughty Nuri's @ Atria Shopping Gallery


Naughty Nuri's has recently introduce its brand new menu and all of us get to savour "Meat The Iberico" items for 50% OFF throughout December. Naughty Nuri's will introduce 1 item from "Meat the Iberico" family with 50% OFF each week from opening until 2.30pmOh wait! It's end of December, 7 days left for you to enjoy the tasty Iberico meal at 50% OFF! Hurry up!

Weekly Promotion detail :
4th – 9th December : 50% off Sizzling Iberico Belly
11th – 17th : 50% Grilled Iberico Skewers
18th – 23rd : Iberico Burger
26th – 30th : Flaming Iberico Spare Ribs 

P.S. If you have the All Access Card , you will be entitled to 50% all new menu item every day.

My boyfriend got himself a plate of salad while I feast on the fatty Iberico meal. Poor boy was having fever, got pulled out by his girlfriend and watched his girlfriend feasting on such mouth-watering meal. Opsyyyy....


The special characteristics such as genetic and diet cause the animals to develop infiltration of fat in their muscles and under the skin, which gives them the particular quality which is recognized all over the world. Their diet consists basically of acorns from holm oak and cork oak trees and grasses from the wooded pastures.


Sizzling Iberico Belly | RM 28 ( 150g)
Naughty Nuri’s very own homemade chef specialty Iberico pork belly served on a 310 degree celcius hot plate top with caramelized onion, capsicum and drizzled with Asian special homemade sauce. Calling all fatty-meat-lovers, try this! The waiter will sizzle it right in front of you. By listening to the szzzzz....I just couldn't wait to put those Iberico belly in my mouth, chew it, and let the fats melt. I don't usually eat fats but this was totally fine for me, I love the special homemade sauce that goes really well with the pork belly. Remember to eat it hot!

Grilled Iberico Skewers RM20 small ( 3 sticks ) RM 30 big (6 sticks )
Naughty Nuri’s very own BBQ Iberico sate infuse with signature pandan marination and grilled to perfection. This was a little too "fatty" for me as there were no meat at all, all I could feel was the oil in every bite. Again, if you love to eat fatss, this will be good. Otherwise, you might find it a lil off-putting.

Iberico burger RM32
Naughty Nuri’s homemade burger patty serve on a bed of salad with slices of juicy tomatoes, slices of streaky pork bacon and topped with melted cheddar-mozzarella cheese drizzled with BBQ sauce with side serving of fries. Good good good! The thick burger patty were neither hard nor dry. I love the combination with a generous amount of cheese and sauce.

Flaming Iberico Ribs RM 49 (300g)
Specially marinated with balinese spices, dipped in their signature sauce and char grilled to perfection and flambe with sembucca for flavour enhancement. See it burn with your naked eye and indulge your craving for pork ribs by eating a big bite of it if you have any. Haha! This was my favorite among all the Iberico family, the Signature Flaming Iberico Ribs. It was so SO good that this portion wasn't enough for two at all. The meat was tender, juicy, perfectly grilled, and the sauce was good. 

Overall, it was satisfying especially having such delicious flaming Iberico ribs. As for the Sizzling Iberico Belly and Grilled Iberico Skewers, I would still prefer to have less fatty meat. And Yeah! Naughty Nuri's is giving out a FREE glass of GG Fizz worth RM8 to all their customers who like & follow their Facebook page. Go go go!

Naughty Nuri's

Desa Sri Hartamas 
SS15 Courtyard
KL Live Center
Atria Shopping Gallery

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