I'm back from Taiwan!


RM to NTD: 13.86


Total: RM 2885.34 / person (Based on 6 people for reference)

Flight Ticket: RM793.95 / person 

Been monitoring a few airlines for cheap flights. Just so happened that there was a promo - AirAsia Free Seat on March 2018, I booked the flight without hesitating although it wasn't the cheapest. I guess. I did not book a round trip, I thought we could tour from South to North or vice versa without spending extra on HSR or wasting our precious travel time.

Depart: Kuala Lumpur to Kaohsiung 
(including value pack: meal + baggage insurance + 20kg baggage) 
Return: Taipei to Kuala Lumpur 
(25kg Baggage add on without insurance) 
**25kg baggage add on = RM208.98 share among 3 people (Rm69.66 / person) 

AXA Travel Insurance: RM39 / person (Based on 3 people for reference)

Covered personal accident, medical & hospital expenses, emergency medical evacuation, travel inconvenience and legal liability from the moment you left your house to KLIA until the day you fly back and step into your house.

Pocket Wifi: RM16.33 / person (Based on 6 people for reference)

Klook save our life! Found this great deal on Klook, 4G WIFi for Taiwan airport pick up ONLY AT RM7 per day. The original price was RM26/day.

I book it immediately because it's the cheapest among all! We get unlimited data of 4G wifi with no deceleration to 3G and it could connect up to 5 devices at once! The only downside was battery die off after 5-6 hours of use (5 devices connected), we need power bank as a backup!

This is definitely a good deal for group travelers.

Pocket WiFi

Pocket Wifi Collection @ Kaohsiung Airport

Accommodation: RM365.21 / person (Based on 6 people for reference)

Cing Shan Hotel, Alishan 
NT4,500 = RM 623.70 / night (Family room)

  • Booked through Booking.com and pay at the hotel.
  • Breakfast provided
  • GREAT location. It's about 10 minutes walk to the Alishan Station
  • Great and comfy stay
  • Sweater/jacket rental is available here (NT100/jacket)
  • Provide a sunrise tour (NT300/person)
Note: If you're looking for a tea farm view, look out for hotels around Fenchihu  or Chiayi
A very nice spot for photos


Starry Minsu, Cing Jing 
NT4,700 = RM 651.42 / night (Family room)

  • Booked through Starry Minsu official website. Advance payment (NT1700) is needed.
  • Breakfast and steamboat dinner is provided.
  • Highest peak stays in CingJing.
  • Enjoy the starry night, look out for shooting stars! Not kidding, I saw it!
  • Get to play with the host's Huskies, super adorable. 
  • Great and comfy stay.
  • Free transfer from homestay to Cing Jing Farm or vice versa.

Dior Airbnb, Fengjia 
RM 494.39 for 2 nights (1 bed added)

  • Booked through Airbnb.
  • The room and toilet overall are acceptable.
  • About 10 minutes walk to Feng Jia Night Market, eat all you can. 
  • There's a 7-11 on the opposite side of the stay.
  • NO elevator, be prepared to carry your big and heavy luggage up through the narrow stairs.

Creative Home, Ximending 
RM 421.75 for 2 nights

  • Booked through Airbnb.
  • 5 minutes walk to Xi Men Ding.
  • Welcome snack was given by the host.
  • The toilet is acceptable but the room is slightly dusty. Overall space is small for a group of 6.
  • The room is located inside an old building which I don't really like it.
  • Caught some baby cockroaches, it's so unhygienic!
  • Aircond is slightly noisy. 

Transportation: RM430.85 / person (Based on 6 people for reference)

Chartered Car 
Found a Taiwan Chartered car private tour through www.muni.tw and I contacted a few drivers that I found online / through other blogs to compare the price.

www.muni.tw is the cheapest! I booked a chartered car for Alishan and Taichung tour so we could save more time and I find it easier for a group of 6. There's no train in Alishan and Taichung area for the moment, the only transportation is taking a bus or cab.

1. NT6000: Alishan - Fen Chi Hu - Sheng Li farm - Sun Moon Lake - Cing Jing
*In the end, we changed the itinerary to Alishan - Fen Chi Hu - Tian Chang Di Jiu Bridge - Cing Jing due to time constraints.

2.  NT5000: Feng Jia Airbnb- Rainbow Village - Miyahara - Xinshe Castle - Zhong She - Gao Mei Wetland - Feng Jia Airbnb

Total: NT10500 (RM1455.30) for a 7 seater van, NT1000 discounts when we booked 2-days private tour. Advance booking fee is needed, NT1000 via PayPal.


Book the ticket in 28 days advance from the official HSR website to get the early bird price up to 30% discounts. The discount rate could be 10%, 20% or 30% depending on the HSR schedule. 20% discount was given for the HSR schedule that I wanted. Basically, it's the same as Klook. Hence, I booked the ticket through Klook since it's more convenient for me.

1. RM44: Zuo Ying to Chia Yi 
2. RM75: Taichung to Taipei

Train / Bus

We spent about NT500 (RM69.30) for Taipei train/bus for the last 3 days including transfer from Taipei Main Station to Taoyuan International Airport (NT150).


Express train to Tao Yuan International Airport

Bus route

Miscellaneous: RM1240.00 / person

We arrived in Chia Yi around 4pm+, the last bus was 3pm+. The only way we was to take a taxi from Chia Yi Hsr Station to Alishan Cing Shan Hotel. The total fare was NT2600 (RM360.36) for 6 people. The taxi driver was so kind that he stopped us at one of the souvenir shops and Zhong Xing Tea Factory to enjoy the famous Alishan Oolong tea while on the way to Cing Shan Hotel, Alishan.

Chartered Car
We decided to get our chartered car driver to drove us from Cing Jing to Feng Jia Airbnb at NT2000 (RM277.20) after negotiating. This is because the price would be slightly more expensive if we were to take the Nantou bus unless it's a 2-4 people trip. Again, the driver was so kind that he agreed to stop us at Ah Dong Roast Chicken 阿東窯仔雞 for lunch.

Old Trains
Easycard is not acceptable so we have to purchase our tickets from the counter.

NT100 Alishan to Zhaoping train

NT100 Shenmu to Alishan

NT19 Rui Fang to Shi Fen old train
NT19 Shi Fen to Rui Fang old train
NT49 Rui Fang to Taipei Main Station train

Entrance fees
NT300 Alishan Scenic Area (Show your student card to get half price)
NT300 Alishan Sunrise Tour
NT160 Cing Jing Farmland (Show your student card to get your ticket at NT120)
NT250 Xin She Castle
NT120 Zhong She Flower Market
NT80 Yeh Liu Geopark

Food, games, and souvenirs.


  1. Air Asia insurance = Tune protect, does not cover the trip from Taipei to Kuala Lumpur. You have to get a third party insurance.
  2. For my final 7D6N itinerary, there's no point to fly to Kaohsiung since I do not have time to tour around Kaohsiung. I should take the round trip instead. Then, I would be able to save up a lil more by not taking the value pack / third party insurance.
  3. 25kg for 3 people is definitely not enough unless it's a summer season whereby you don't need a thick sweater or heavy coat and if only you don't plan to buy anything back. One person's luggage would take about 9-11 kg (not applicable for shopaholic).
  4. Remember to get one Easycard for convenience purpose. It can be used for train or bus and to purchase things in 7-11.
  5. If you plan to rent the pocket wifi, pleaseeeee...remember to return the device before check in!! We totally forgot about it and realized after we've checked in. There was no way for us to go out again, we were pretty late and at least one of the AirAsia staff has to be with us if we were to go out again. Unfortunately, no one was free to assist. We tried our luck again to ask the AirAsia staff at the boarding gate if any of them could help, there was one girl said YES to us but kinda reluctant. Haha! Anyways, we were lucky to have her.
  6. Take the Express Train instead of the Commuter Train to Tao Yuan International Airport as it's faster.

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