Boost up your feminine confidence with Araya Premium Feminine Care!

Feminine odor, itchiness, discharge..... these are the common problems that most of the women have experienced. People feel embarrassed and uneasy, but there's always a solution to get rid of these disturbing phenomena.

First, we have to understand that the good bacteria inhabited in our intimate area may keep us healthy and maintain the acidity to prevent various infections. In fact, our intimate area has lots of sweat glands. Our sweats, individual cleanliness, clothing and environment are the factors result in changing in acidity level, which causes the disturbing phenomenon.
It is advisable to use feminine wash regularly to keep feminine hygiene, maintain pH level and prevent infections.

Araya Premium Feminine Care

This is the feminine care that I'm currently using to restore the freshness throughout the day and I'm totally in love with it.

The first thing I'm gonna say is the scent. If you have read through all my reviews and if you noticed, I'll definitely talk about the scent. I have a mild sensitive nose, the strong pungent scent makes me sneeze. Both feminine cleanser and serum are similar to flora fragrance, mild and refreshing, not overpowering.

Araya Premium Feminine Care developed with natural pH balance which is pH4.5 without destroying the good bacteria. I really love the formula and technology! Light, gentle, and colorless. It does not irritate our intimate area. Both Araya Cleanser and Serum are dermatologists tested.

Araya Extra Sensitive Feminine Cleanser


Foamy texture

Enriched with natural extracts to strengthen and nourish the skin. It has the nano vitamin A, C and E technology that helps in reducing irritations, itches, and feminine odor. It also has the antioxidant quality for skin brightening and moisturizing too.
The cleanser turns foamy after cleansing gently with water. I feel fresh, comfortable and clean after using. 

Araya Advanced Recovery Serum

Restoring treatment combined with natural extracts imported from France. It helps in skin tightening, whitening, moisturizing, soothing and it has the antibacterial action.
The nanotechnology lightweight serum is concentrated. It is slightly viscous but the gel-like texture absorbs quickly and does not leave the intimate area feeling sticky. The feeling is great, super lightweight as if I did not apply anything on my skin.

During menstruation, I tend to wash my intimate area very often. I'm afraid of feminine odor and I don't feel comfortable as if there's something irritates me. Honestly, I feel more confident after using Araya Premium Feminine Care. I'm able to get rid of irritations on the feminine area and reduce itchiness problems. It leaves me fresh and comfortable all day long. I use it in the morning and night after a shower during menstruation period whereas once a day / occasionally on the normal days.

Personal hygiene is important. We wash our face, our hair, and body every day. Don't forget our intimate area too! To boost up your feminine confidence with Araya Premium Feminine Wash, head over to Lazada or Araya Malaysia Facebook Page!

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