Welly Merck is a fashion luxury watch based in Switzerland. The design of Welly Merck watches heightened by simplicity, minimalist, subtle, distinct, elegant and modern. Besides, it's a unisex design, perfect for couples who wish to get a couple watch. However, there are different sizes for men and women.

Why choose Welly Merck?

The two hands design makes Welly Merck look elegant and simplified, especially their “signature watch” which I’m wearing right now, Classic Roma B, I love the two hands that come with my favorite color – blue. Other than that, the 4 O’clock Position Crown Design gives a comfortable experience and make it easier for a user to turn the crown whenever necessary. Welly Merck watches are designated with Sapphire Crystal glass which means the glass will not be easily scratched. I have fewer worries with such a high-quality product.

However, when I get bored of my black leather strap or if I wish to change a strap to match my outfit, I can change it to colorful nylon strap or any straps offered by Welly Merck anytime anywhere with the interchangeable high-quality strap. No tool is needed! It’s convenient. One watch case with a few innovative interchangeable straps to match the different outfit.

Furthermore, what’s best when you can customize by carving one word or a name to him/her on the back of the watch case as a gift. Welly Merck offered personal customization. Hooray!

What should you know?

Welly Merck offers FREE returns on all qualified orders. It can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of receiving the product. Besides that, it offers Three Years Warranty on all orders. The best part is Free Worldwide Shipping regardless of which country you’re from and where you’re staying, no delivery charges needed.

What do I like about Welly Merck?

Apart from all the above, I love the fast delivery service. It took only 5 days for my item to be delivered to my doorstep (Malaysia). As for the design, simplicity the best. The simple and modern design elevates my look for all occasions and it's perfect for all kinds of activities and daily use.
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