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Congratz to Sunway shoppers!

WaffleWaffle! The signature outlet has officially launched in Sunway Pyramid as a waffle-to-go kiosk.
WaffleWaffle! It has been operated for 9 years in Taiwan and received many loves from the Taiwan locals.

 If you have missed this famous and delicious WaffleWaffle! during your Taiwan trip or if you have not been to Taiwan, don’t worry, WaffleWaffle! originated food & beverage café from Taiwan has land over Malaysia. Yes, find them in Puchong, SS15, Sri Petaling, Sri Kembangan, and SUNWAY PYRAMID.

This is the FIRST Wafflewaffle! to-go kiosk concept where you can find at LG2, Rink B, Sunway Pyramid. It’s pretty convenient especially for those who wish to enjoy the waffle while doing window shop.

What’s so special about the waffles in wafflewaffle! Signature?

The waffles are made with 100% of milk without adding water. With less or, no water content in the waffles ensure the crisp remain on the outside. The crisps, sweet- smelling and golden waffles with a light center makes it extra delicious.

The flavors for waffle come in sweet and savory. Look out for their menu for more choices. Two full scoops of ice-creams added with whipped cream topping sandwiched by the golden waffles.
Was busy taking photos, nearly half of my ice-creams had melted. However, it wasn’t in a big mess yet before I could have finished as the wrapper was ‘strong’ enough to hold the melted ice-creams, so be sure to eat it fast!

Last but not least, Thank you WaffleWaffle! Signature.

I am delighted and honored to be invited to the Exclusive Launching of WaffleWaffle! Signature outlet at Sunway Pyramid.

Sing Yee and I were busy taking photos while hoping our ice creams still in good shape. Haha!

Head over to WaffleWaffle! Signature kiosk now at LG2, Rink B, Sunway Pyramid to fill your stomach with golden sweet waffles that come with two big scoops of ice-cream.
(Next to Boost kiosk near to Ice skating rink)

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