Not sure if any of you heard of ShopBack, but I love this website/mobile app that utilizes a cashback reward system. For all the online shopaholics out there, using ShopBack would be a great advantage for you.

I don’t shop online frequently but I would restock my skincare products from Sephora once in every few months, buy some nice apparel/shoes from Zalora and much more. I’ve just bought a pair of Birkenstock Sandal from Zalora recently. There are many merchants where you can find in ShopBack to cashback your money!


If you travel a lot, Booking.com or Malaysia airlines and much more are all in ShopBack too! Percentage of cashback varies depends on merchants or season. There was once Nike offered a 22% cash back and there’s when I bought my Nike Shoes. I saved up about RM90+

The cashback will only reflect in your ShopBack account after a few days or weeks depends on the merchants, some might takes up to 3 months.

My lifetime earnings are RM165.57. Not much because I seldom shop online and the total amount of things I bought each time is probably less than Rm150. I would say it's pretty good!

Sign up...

If this is something useful for you, sign up ShopBack account here. You can get RM5 straight into your account. You will also receive another RM5 upon making the first purchase and update your profile.  Total Rm10, it’s free for you~

Transfer that money into your bank account anytime, the minimum withdrawal amount required is RM10. It takes about 1 or 2 weeks to reflect in your bank account.

Let’s save more to shop more.

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