Are you a husky lover?

Huskiss Cafe opened in Kelana Jaya, PJ on last October. The first thing I did was screenshot their FB page and told my boyfriend that I want to visit this cafe. There's one thing that got me really "urghh" is that my boyfriend and I never make a move to the places I want to visit (sometimes maybe), we will drag and drag and forget about it. As I know, everyone who loves Huskies will visit TrueLoveCafe in Bangkok or Huskitory Cafe in Malacca. To the people who stay around Kl or PJ, you can head over to Huskiss Cafe now!

The other day when my friends and I were chatting and we got into a topic of dogs cafe, I was excited and suggested  Huskiss Cafe immediately. I've made the right choice! #Factsaboutme I couldn't get my eyes off whenever a Husky pass by. hahahaha

Huskiss Cafe opens every day from 12 pm to 9.30pm except for Tuesday whereas 4.30pm to 6.30pm is Huskies' naptime, do not visit at this hour. Advance booking is required as they have limited space per session. There are 5 sessions,  1 hour and 30 minutes per session. Book your slots with the team by giving them a call or message them on Facebook. Don't be late because they will only hold your slot for 10 minutes.

Basically, everyone who comes here will start off with a short briefing session on the do's and dont's and the staff will explain their menu. After taking our orders, we are free to play with the Huskies. 

Entrance fee is RM20 per person. You'll get a complimentary drink that worth rm6.90 in the menu. You can choose to top up on any drinks that cost above RM6.90. Their famous dessert is Lemon Cheesecake, we did not order it on that day because everyone has taken their breakfast. I got myself a plate of thin crust pizza, I don't remember the name on the menu. It's delicious.

There is a total of six huskies, the staffs will not release them all at once so everything will be in control. The Huskies are really active! It's definitely not easy to take a perfect photo with the Huskies but the staffs will try their very best to calm the Huskies, make them sit or lie on the floor.

After so many attempts... I literally feel warm and tired after chasing the Huskies around.
 Enjoy playing by themselves.

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