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A big thank you to Inter-Asia and Edifier Malaysia for sending me an incredible gift, W310BT, a neckband Bluetooth stereo headphones. The headphone came just in time to travel along with me - all the way to Paris. I listened to songs during my long-haul flight, watched drama every night and wore it around my neck to the exhibition hall every single day. It's really convenient!


It comes in 3 colors: the common black and white, as well as the "sexy" red. There are 4 items in the box: one headphone, one USB charging cable, one user manual and 3 pairs of earmuffs in different sizes.


I couldn't take my eyes off from the sexy red headphone when the moment I opened the box. Melted! The design is sleek, most importantly not bulky. People won't even realize I'm wearing the headphones even when I'm in the office. Ops. Well, except for the color that attracts people's attention easily. I just couldn't wait to try it. The first thing I did was putting it around my neck and blast some music. The lightweight Edifier W310BT is perfect to bring it everywhere. The material is soft and smooth, it does not irritate the skin.


Let me explain a little about the features where you can actually find them online or on the box itself.

Edifier W310BT comes with a trendy U-shape design. It sits well around your neck, will not fall off easily when you're moving around or jogging. It also has the 9mm moving coil unit for remarkable low-frequency performance and the Bluetooth V4.2 technology ensures a stable signal transmission. So far I have not encountered any problems while listening to songs and talking on the phone, no interruptions. The half in-ear structure with soft adaptive neckband allows us to listen to music while keeping ourselves aware of our surroundings. I don't find any difficulties looking for the earmuffs as the magnetic rear ear shell will keep them stick together at all time. 

Edifier W310BT has an IPX5 rating to ensure splash and sweat proof, suitable for daily exercise. Last but not least, there are 3 buttons easily control for a voice call, volume and music switch. It has the incoming call vibration and phone voice control functions so that you will not miss a call while listening to music or streaming videos online.


In case you're lazy to read the manual guide, I make it short here. 
  • Turn it on by pressing the multifunctional button and hold for 3 seconds until you see the blue light lit for 1 second with vibration.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your device and pair with "Edifier W310BT", press the multifunction button of the headphone and hold for 2 seconds until you see the red and blue light flashing alternately. The headphone will auto connect to the device in your future use. You can also pair with two Bluetooth devices simultaneously.
  • Enjoy your music.
  • Turn it off by pressing the multifunctional button and hold for 5 seconds until you see the red light lit for 1 second.
The battery percentage can be checked on the device or when the red light flashes, it indicates battery low. While you're charging, the red light should be steady lit until when it's fully charged, you should see the red light turns off. The charging time is 3 hours, and you can use up to 8.5 hours. The effective distance is 10m. 


I was using native Apple earphones all these while and I was pretty satisfied with it. I thought having a wired earphone is easier for me, plug it in whenever I need to use. Since Edifier W310BT came just in time before I fly off to Paris, I decided to bring it along, and..... I changed my mind.

First of all, it wasn't difficult to use as a first timer, it can be easily paired with my device. I find it really convenient, I can place my phone at any distance as long as it's within 10m and I don't need to worry about the wire which got tangled all the time. Overall appearance looks a lot better because you won't see the long wire attached from the earpiece to the device. Other than that, it's good for a device without earphone jack, I can still listen to music while charging my phone.

The only downside and I feel it's a lil troublesome is that we have to charge the headphone. Although a 3 hours charge can have the headphone survive for about 8.5 hours, I can't be sure that my headphone can fully charge all the time when I'm out. It happened a few times when I was happily watching a movie on my phone, the headphone gave me low battery signals and it just died off. 

As for the sound quality, the clarity is good but the base is not as punchy. Highs and Mids is okay. No ambiance noise.  I wouldn't say this is the best in terms of sound quality, but if you're looking for a moderately good Bluetooth headphone with reasonable price, this is definitely a Bluetooth headphone you can consider.


Head over to Inter-Asia or Edifier Malaysia for more information! If you would like to purchase, visit their official store of Lazada and Shopee. 

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