Opus, your new beauty regime.

The skincare industry is constantly evolving, more and more skincare devices with advanced technology can be found in the beauty market. Price ranges from RM200 to RM2000,  the functions from simple to advanced.

Which is the right beauty device? That's the question.

Nion Beauty

Beauty Opus provides skin care cleansing device in USA based company developed by a team from the USA and South Korea with Japan technology. The main features of Nion Beauty cleansing devices are kinetic skin cleansing and world-leading s-ion technology. The kinetic skin cleansing system helps in removing impurities and dirt with the vibrational energy without drying out the skin.
On the other hand, s-ion technology generates negative ions to achieve radiance and brighter skin by increasing the sense of well being, neutralize free radicals and boost blood circulation.

Nion Beauty offers a different range of devices: Opus Total+, Opus Body, Opus Renew, Opus Elite, Opus Daily, Opus Express and Opus Luxe.

A big thank you to The Butterfly Project and Nion Beauty for giving me an opportunity to experience the next generation of skincare device. I've been using Opus Express for about 3 weeks, my pores gradually become smaller and skin is brighter. I used it 3 times per week, the glowing effect is obvious after cleansing with Opus Express. It cleanses my skin and removes all impurities from my pores. Of course, it doesn't take a day or two to see the results, it's advisable to use it constantly to maintain and achieve the bright and clear skin.

This is a must-have cleansing face brush, handy and convenient, ideal for travel. Opus Express comes with 3-speed Cleansing Vibration. Press the button to change the speed. It's easy to clean and shower safely. All you need is 2 AA batteries and...voila, there you go! If you're out of batteries, no worries! The disposable Opus 2Go silicon brush can be used to cleanse manually without battery.

Opus 2Go silicon brush

Complimentary silky pouch for Opus Express

How to use?

Insert 2 AA batteries, power on the devices by pressing the button. Select your desired settings, it can be high, medium or low, up to own preference. For my eyes area, I would prefer low or medium speed. Wet your face with water and apply any cleansing gels or soaps. Wet the silicon bristles with warm water and let it do the job. Gently glide across your face in a circular motion for 1-2 minutes. Then, rinse your face and apply daily skin care products.


From RM149 to RM999. The Opus Express that I'm currently using costs RM187.90.

Where to buy?

Official store:
  • Luxor Beauty World

  • Watsons (both offline & online store)

  • Lazada
Astro Go Shop

  • Zalora

This is a simple device with only one function, cleanse our skin. It's my first cleansing device, suitable for lazy people like me. All I need to do is spend 5 minutes, let the device do the job to deep cleanse and massage my skin with the vibrational energy. I find it convenient and I can bring this lightweight Opus Express around whenever I travel.

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