Putrajaya, Malaysia


Rock climbing! 

Yeah! Best weekend activity ever.

Instead of staying at home or going to the shopping mall again, decided to do some healthy activities on our precious weekend.

Beginner wall

Intermediate wall

Expert wall

We went all the way to Putrajaya for indoor rock climbing because the entrance fee was reasonable and I really want to explore Putrajaya for once.
There are 4 different walls which categorized into Beginner (2 walls – 1 basic, 1 slanted), Intermediate and Expert wall.

For the beginner, no equipment needed. The wall is low and there’s mattress below the wall. You can climb barefoot or rent a pair of shoes and fall on the mattress whenever you want. Haha! My bf and I decided to try on the beginner basic wall since this is our first time going on a rock climb together (Basically, it’s our second attempt after a few years).

I would suggest you guys rent the shoes because it’s so so so painful to step on those irregular rocks.
We spent about an hour there to climb and fall, to laugh at each other. I couldn’t climb the slanted wall at all! My arm strength sucks… as soft as tofu…. partly it’s also because of the pain exerted on my feet was unbearable.

For all the new rock climbers out there, try on the beginner wall before renting any equipment for the intermediate wall. If you’re good with it, MUST go for the intermediate wall with full equipment to obtain full rock climbing experiences and satisfaction.

Putrajaya Challenge Park

Entrance fees: RM6 (Adult), RM3 (Student)

*Don’t forget to bring your student card / kad siswa
Additional costs needed for equipment rental (shoes, rope, etc)

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