Smooth and soft feet by soaking for 30 minutes? It's simple and YES, Baby Foot Mask removes all your dead skin.

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My condition

My feet were full of dead skin and I had bad crack heels. The skin around the cracked area was powdery and rough caused by dryness. It's embarrassing when I walk around with bare feet. Applied normal lotion once in a while and scrubbed my feet with normal body wash but doesn't help and it got worse after month by month.  There's no way for me to do pampering treatment in saloon, I hate the tingling sensation. Hence, I decided to get myself a foot mask. I did not take a photo of my feet before treatment because it's ugly... no kidding. 

My first experience with Baby Foot Mask was .... AMAZING! Let's see the results!

Baby Foot Mask

Baby Foot mask is formulated with 17 types of natural extracts for gentle foot care without damaging the skin. It received a few rewards and claimed to be "number 1". More information can be found on the packaging.

The baby foot comes with a pair of 3D boot shape "gel socks" for foot soaking and tapes to fold excess material around your ankle for more comfortable use. There are different sizes as stated on the packaging, I got the M size because there's only one size left.

Wear and soak your feet with the gel socks. You may still walk around with it if it's needed but have to walk carefully and slowly. HAHA I would prefer having my feet on the ground for a better penetration.

Removed the gel socks after 30 minutes and wash your feet with warm water. The smell of the gel is slightly stinky but bearable. Next, wait patiently. The dead skin should start peeling off within 2 to 7 days depends on the individual.


My skin started peeling a little on the 3rd day. More on the 4th day, I realized the skin on my feet started to dry off and it's completely gone on the 6th or 7th day. The skin softened and peeled off easily after showered. 

There are a few different peeling results depending on how your dead skin accumulate, climates and body conditions. Powdery peeling, flakes peeling, scaly peeling, zurumuke peeling, and super zurumuke. For my condition, I experienced powdery peeling and flakes peeling. With this peeling result, it's advisable to wear socks wherever you go for the whole week, else you'll see your dead skin everywhere on the floors or bed. Literally everywhere.

I am happy, very happy, to see my baby feet again. Couldn't express how happy am I. It's so smooth and soft!!! However, it does not cure the cracked heels but the skin around the cracked area is smooth and less flaky. Other than that, the harden dead skin that accumulated over months/years will still be there, but it's slightly softer and smoother, not as bad as before.  Definitely will repurchase it again, probably in another 2-3 months. 

FYI, It's RM56.50 / pack, totally worth the price. I got mine at Watson with discounted price, RM47.10.


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