BUBBLE LIPS?? Bubi Bubi Lip by Unpa makes you say "Hello kissable lips".

You could apply lipstick without any problems like not getting the desired lipsticks color or dry dead skin appeared after putting your favorite lipstick on. That's what I'm struggling especially applying trendy matte lipstick color is a big no NO to me. But Yeah, I found a remedy! A big thanks to The Butterfly Project and Althea!

What is Bubi Bubi Lip?

Bubi Bubi Lip is a natural lip scrub from a Korean brand, Unpa. It exfoliates the lips in bubble form to remove dead skin.

Why Bubi Bubi Lip?

Irritation free! Yes, there are no harmful microbeads. It contains the safe natural ingredient to keep your lips healthy, moisturized and softened. Basically, it works in 2 in 1 way. Bubi Bubi Lip exfoliates and cleanses your lips at the same time. It could remove any lip stain products on your lips.

When should you use it?

Anytime! Use it in the morning or at night. I personally prefer using it at night and apply lip balm before going to bed.

How to use?

Pump a generous amount on your finger and spread it all over your lips. Wait for 5 minutes until bubble starts fizzing, you could feel the tickling feelings on your lips. Remember, do not touch it. My first attempt failed, jumped in bed while waiting for bubbles but nothing appeared, I realized I was too stingy haha ... Re-applied Bubi Bubi Lip with a generous amount, started to feel some "chemical reaction" going on, it tickled my lips after a few seconds.

Look at the foamy bubble lips. Leave it for another 5 minutes until bubbles reduce. Scrub and rub until bubble removed.

Clean your lips gently with wet tissue or water. For extra smooth and moisturizing effect, apply your usual lip balm. Voila! You're good to go with any lipsticks!



My lips were terribly dry and dead skin overloaded, I could peel the hardened dead skin easily, it hurts sometimes. What annoyed me the most was the dead skin appeared more prominently after applying lipstick. Hence, I rather go pale or apply my favorite lip balm. After using Bubi Bubi Lip for a few days, dead dry skin reduced indeed. I don't see "bumpy" lips, I have no chance to peel the skin anymore. However, it doesn't moisturize your lips, I personally feel that lip balm is needed after a gentle scrub.

If any of you struggle with the same problem or if you're ready to shed off the dead skin on your lips, head to Althea - Bubi Bubi Lip by Unpa

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