Let's get a blackhead free skin with Philosophy Purity Exfoliating Clay Mask.

Using Exfoliating Clay Mask has never been in my skincare routine. I always think that having our skin cleansed and toned, and using moisturizer or mask once in a while is more than enough. I feel lucky that my skin doesn't give me a lot of problems except for my chin area. Somehow pimples just pop up on and off, it's irritating.

Just so happened that I've come across this Philosophy Purity Exfoliating Clay Mask from Sephora newsletter. Decided to give it a try.

This is the first white clay mask with pore extractor for gentle exfoliation. It consists of salicylic acid to draw out the gunk that comfortably sits in your pore. It's best to use twice a week to unclog and purify your pores.


Creamy and gritty, the sand like particles do the job well in skin exfoliating.

How to use?

Apply gently and leave it for 5-10 minutes or until it's completely dry. Then, apply some warm water and massage for exfoliation. Wash off and that's it!

*For deeper exfoliation, increase massage intensity when applying, perform a second message while removing with water.

*Always remember to be gentle to our skin. Massage harder does not give a better skin but you may hurt your skin.

How often should I use?

It's best to use twice a week for oily skin whereas focus only on T zone oily area for those who have dry skin. Since my skin condition is considered dry, I'll apply fully on my face once and focus only on the T zone area once per week.


I've been using it for a month, I'm still happy with it. It extracts blackheads, purifies the pore and shrinks the look of my pores. My skin looks smooth, glowy, clean and fresh after using Philosophy Purity Exfoliating Clay Mask. I love the cooling effect and the soothing smell of the clay, it calms me after a long day of work.


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