Yes. I've made it.

I've been thinking to join Singapore Airlines as a cabin crew when I was in high school. Besides having the opportunity to travel the world, the attractive remuneration is irresistible. Of course, there will be hard times too. There were numerous reasons that held me back, hence I chose to go to college and university to get my bachelor's degree.

After graduated, I got my first job in the clinic and then in a manufacturing company. I checked the date for the interview out of my curiosity from time to time but I felt that I wasn't prepared. Furthermore, I hate being in LDR. I have lots of concerns. However, I've decided to give it a try after discussing with my boyfriend.

How I came across the vacancy?

I checked the vacancy through Singapore Airlines Website from time to time. It's either the date was too close to the date I found out or I missed the date of the interview. This time, Singapore Airlines sponsored ads appeared when I was scrolling my Instagram. It showed that the date of walk-in-interview was 26th May 2018, which is 2 days later from the day I found out. Last minute. Always. So I have only 1 day to think and prepare for it. Live with no regrets. Haha

How is the interview process?

The time for the walk-in interview was between 8.00am to 3.30pm. Planned to go in the early morning but I was unwell. I was there at 1.00pm and got frightened by the queue, it was very long. There is a total of 5 stages and we get to know the result on the day itself. Do expect for a long waiting time. It takes a whole day for the interview and might postpone to the next day.

First stage - Height Screening & Documents Checking

The height requirement is 165cm for males and 158cm for females. Do not cheat on the height. I have seen some people got "kicked out" from the screening, they were unable to proceed to the next stage. Once you've passed the height screening, proceed for documents checking (Application form, Identity Card, Certificates, Passport Photo etc).
Everything was good. I was given a number and also informed to come back in another hour.

Second stage - First Interview (group)

10 people were formed in a group according to our number. We were then called in for our first interview. A random question given was "what's your favorite dessert?" Each group got a different question. We were asked to introduce ourselves: name, age and answer the question.
Only the successful applicant's name will be called and proceed to the next stage.

Third stage - Debate (group)

This is supposed to be a group debate whereby the interviewers will give us a random statement, one group will have to share the pros and another group to share the cons. Due to time constraints, the interviewers gave us a question to answer instead of debating "tell me about your strengths, why should we hire you". There were 7 people in a group, we answered accordingly.
Again, only the successful applicant's name will be called and proceed to the next stage. However, the final interview was postponed to the next day because it was already 6pm+.

Fourth stage - Final Interview (Individual)

The nerve-wracking moment because you have come so far and you don't want to fail. This is a 2 to 1 interview, questions asked were more to personal details, it depends on what you've written in your application form, your current job or situation.
Successful applicants will proceed to the next stage.

Fifth stage - Grooming

What a relief ... this is the most relaxing stage but never take it lightly because they can still fail us anytime. First, check the weight and proceed to SIA Cabin Crew Kebaya fitting (for ladies). We have to stand under the light for skin and teeth checking. Make sure you do not have deep scars or tattoos on your arms and legs. Then, smile and walk with the kebaya.
For girls who are close to the minimum height, 158cm, they were required to raise their arm and make sure they could reach the overhead compartment, about 212 cm if I'm not mistaken.

What's next?

I've passed my interview! Only successful applicants were given two forms - Employment Form and S Pass Form (Work Permit Form) to fill in on the spot. You'll need to show your documents (Certificate, Passport, IC, Birth Cert) for verification. For those who are able to start immediately or within one or two months, they'll be given a letter for Body Check Up to make sure you're healthy to fly. I gave 6 months notice due to some reasons, hence, I did not receive any letters. 
There were approximately 500 applicants for this round of walk-in interview and about 10-30 applicants were successfully made it, able to fill in the form. Some of them were here after a few attempts and some were the first timer.

Congrats to those who made it this round!




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