CoenRich Q10 Whitening Hand Cream

A high purity co-enzyme Q10 rich hand cream penetrate and rapidly absorb into our skin. It replenishes lost moisture in your hands, nails, and cuticles. The hand cream contains vitamin C that helps in skin whitening too.

I've tried a few hand creams, some were extra moisturizing but it's oily and sticky whereas the lightweight hand cream that I've tried doesn't last for few hours, I have to reapply every few hours. My skin is really dry because I wash my hand a lot. Haha. I'm super in love with Kose CoenRich Q10 whitening hand cream. Must get this hand cream!!

What's the benefit of coenzyme Q10?

It maintains collagen which helps in skin firming and elasticity. It also works as an antioxidant to prevent free radicals from attacking healthy skin cells and renew the tired looking skin.


The cream texture is pretty thick. The moment I apply on my skin, I thought it's going to be very sticky. I'm surprised with the absorbent level, the stickiness gone after a few seconds and my hand feels extra smooth. The smell isn't overpowering but there's a little hint of medicine that diminishes quickly. Anyway, it's stated "medicated" on the packaging. Don't expect for a nice fruity or floral scent.

How do I apply?

Apply a small amount of product into the back of my hands and my palms, then gently massage into skin. I'll give special attention to the dry part of my skin and ragged cuticles. I will apply some on my elbows and knees too!


Apply once and it lasts for a few hours. It leaves my skin with a translucent glow after applying, my skin has the powdery or baby skin feel once it's fully absorbed. Most importantly, my hand doesn't feel sticky at all despite staying outdoor or in a hot environment. So far, this is the best hand creams I've used.

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