Gunung Datuk, my second mountain hiking experience was … great but not so great?
Slept at 3.30am and woke up at 6.30am to hike a 2900ft mountain. This is crazy.

Gunung Datuk located in Negeri Sembilan, RM5/entry. We started to hike at 9.35am and reached the peak at 12pm++. I got a sunburn. Be there at 7 am should be good if you don’t plan to catch the sunrise, you could avoid the burning hot sun at least.

We’ve spent about 4-5 hours to hike up and down. Since this is my second mountain hiking experience, I can only compare with the first mountain that I’ve been to which is Broga hill. Gunung Datuk is definitely way harder to hike. Couldn’t tell how steep the mountain slopes are from the photos I’ve taken, but it's steep by seeing with my own eyes. Can’t believe that I’ve made it to the top when I look back at the slopes.

There are ladders to climb to reach the top peak of the mountain. The view was spectacular, this is the reason why I love hiking. There were lots of huge bees which I don’t know why they weren’t there during my friend’s first hike in Gunung Datuk. The anticipation of reaching the top for the unexpected beautiful scenery keeps me moving and motivated. Besides, I felt energetic and happy to be surrounded by nature and fresh air.

My energy and stamina level dropped to 20-30% while hiking downhill, I could feel my legs shaking and every move was so difficult for me like I could just fall and tumble down the hill. We met a hiker 3 times and he told us that was his 3rd round going uphill. I was totally amazed!

Many hikers chill out at the small stall for drinks or cendol after hiking. Overall experience was good but tiring probably due to sleep deprivation and lack of exercising, I would rate the difficulty level: 3.5/5 as a rookie hiker.

Things to bring from my own experience:

  • Extra water (750ml bottle of water isn’t enough)

  • Food (Banana, chocolate, biscuit…)
  • Face towel

  • Good/comfortable shoes for hiking

  • Mosquito repellent

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