A short getaway to Singapore during the weekend for Sakura Matsuri. Didn’t plan to go anywhere but revisit Gardens by the Bay. This time, I explored the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest which I didn’t enter during my last Singapore trip.

Flower Dome, the name says it all. It’s the largest glass greenhouse, walk in and you will be surrounded by all types of exotic plants from five continents. There is a total of 9 gardens to explore, be sure to allocate at least 2-3 hours. Flower displays may change according to seasons and festivals, one visit won’t throw you off, you will still get to indulge in different seasons and festivals during your next visit.

The cherry blossom season usually falls around mid of March to April in most of the places in Japan. Since Japan is 5,134 KM away, I got my Sakura dream fulfilled in Singapore. Hahah Yeap, the annual Sakura Matsuri floral displays are back in Flower Dome. Kimono rental is available at $20 for adult and $15 for the kid. I did not rent it but definitely will if I’m in Japan.

It was a Sunday and special Sakura Matsuri season during my visit, hence, the crowd filled up the whole glass greenhouse. Enjoyed strolling along cherry blossom lined pathways and experience the Japanese cultures but I was annoyed by people photobombing in most of my photos. Meh. It’s difficult to get a perfect photo. I’ve spent around 2 hours to explore all the gardens and photos taking. If I were to capture and read the details of every plant, I could probably spend up to 3-4 hours.

Sakura Matsuri Event: 16 Mar 2018 (Friday) - 8 Apr 2018 (Sunday)

Next, immerse yourself in the mysterious world veiled in mist, the Cloud Forest. The first thing I saw when I stepped in was the majestic 35-meter tall indoor waterfall. It’s beautiful! As you go closer, it feels so lively to witness the beauty of water tumbling down the mountain.

Rare plants and hidden floral gems can be found in Cloud Forest. The queue cleared up pretty fast to go to the top of the mountain. There are 5 levels to explore, descend through the mist-filled Cloud walk, learn the unique biodiversity and geology and the environmental threats. I spent around 2 hours here too.

Orchid lovers event: 9 Mar 2018 (Friday) –31 May 2018 (Thursday)

The orchid displays consist one of the largest genera orchid family, Dendrobium orchids.

Both Conservatories – Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, open daily from 9am to 9pm.


Singapore Resident Rate Adult: $20

Senior Citizen (≥60 years old): $15

Child (3-12 years old): $12

Standard Rate - Two Conservatories

Adult/Senior: $28

Child (3-12 years old): $15


  • The indoor temperature range 23°C - 25°C. I personally feel that Flower Dome is colder. Bring a scarf/jacket!

  • The reason why I chose to enter Flower Dome first is to catch the natural sunlight. It makes the photos look nicer and brighter.

  • Allocate at least one full day in Gardens by the Bay. Start around 12pm or earlier, spent the whole afternoon indoor (Flower Dome & Cloud Forest) to avoid hot sun.

  • Try this tradition bun (pork bun), delicious!!


Get some nice shots out there at around 5-6pm while the sky is still bright and enjoy the beautiful light up Supertree Grove at night.

  • Be sure to check the weather forecast. It drizzled in the early evening during my both visit.
Get the Re-enter Chop on your arm upon leaving the conservatories. Just in case if you want to re-enter again.

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