Perth WA, Australia


Perth, Western Australia

There are so many places to visit in Perth! Let's get started!

1. Fremantle war memorial park

Sit in the big field, enjoy the sunset. It's a good place to relax and chit-chat.

2. Cape Leeuwin lighthouse 

We drove all the way there, took about 1-hour ++, it was closed.
We could only see the lighthouse from far. Walked to the cape track and you'll see the beautiful ocean. The weather was too cold that we had to constantly run to the car just to keep ourselves warm.

Opening hours: 9.00am-5.00pm

It low-key irks me that I wasn't in the center of the road


3. Cape Lavender Tea House

Get all your lavender products here! Handmade products, lotion, body wash, cream, jam, tea, ice-cream, cake..etc..


Basically, it has a row of Lavender at the back of the tea house and that's about it.

Try out their signature Lavender Ice Cream. Moroccan mint with coconut cake (highly recommended) & Lavender Tea
Opening hours: 9.30am-5.00pm

4. Margaret chocolate company

A shop full of chocolates! There were dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate samples for us to try.
#MeganTravelTips Go for wine/chocolate tasting if you have extra time, a free chocolate liquor will be given.

5. Willespie wine

Wine tasting!! I love this place. It was quite deep in,  randomly stopped by without any "wine tasting" plan. The lady was really nice, recommended and explained the wines in details.

The cheese goes really well with the crackers and ham. Apples and apricots were sweet.
but... none of us like eating olives ...

Old School Chardonnay $30

Cheese platter $20 MUST-TRY!!

6. Lancaster wine

Another wine tasting at Swan Valley about 20 minutes away from the center of Perth. A casual relaxed atmosphere with a great vibe. This is a famous outdoor, opened concept tasting shed for you to enjoy wines and gourmet selection of local cheeses. The friendly staff recommended us their popular red wine and old-Shiraz.

Opening hours: 10.00am - 5.00pm

Cheese tasting

7. Busselton Jetty 
- Whale Watching 

Busselton jetty -  the longest timber-piled jetty. I personally think that this is a place that should not be missed even if you're not planning to go on any cruises. Check out their website if you wish to know what are the other things to do in Busselton jetty. There are various activities.

I've done some researches and found that All Sea Charters offered the lowest price compared to other companies. The boat was comfortable!
 Planned this ahead but did not buy the ticket. We were just so lucky that we made it on time and there were extra seats for us. So, please, buy your ticket in advance.
#MeganTravelTips Book ticket online, buy in advance.

Some biscuits were served in the boat. It was a 3 hours whale watching tour. The best months for whale watching are between June and December as they migrate through the South West waters. I would say this all depends on luck whether you get to see the humpback whales / southern right whales up close. The captain brought us closer to have a better view once we spotted a whale.

Price: Cruise 
$80 / person / 3 hours

The longest timber-piled jetty

8. Marlston Hill Lookout tower

A simple looking tower located at Bunbury near the residential area. Climb up to the top! It's a perfect vantage point to enjoy the spectacular paranomic views. Look at the city of Bunbury, beaches, and jetty.

9. Penguin Island 

45 minutes away from south of Perth. However, it was in my Day 3 itinerary, we went to Penguin Island from Rockingham which took about 10 minutes.
Bought penguin and sea lion cruise tickets at the counter. Supposed to be penguin, dolphins and sea lion cruise. Again, we missed the time as there were some changes in our plan, friends went for Skydiving in the morning instead of Penguin Island.

Bought some quick bites to fill our stomach. Try their salmon bagel! Thumbs up! We took a 5 minutes ferry ride to the heart of spectacular Shoal water Islands.

 So, penguin island, what came to my mind was...penguin...lots of penguin? But...nawhhh.... All I see was....SILVER GULLS, silver gulls all over the island.

Price: Penguin and sea lion cruise
$42 / person / 2 hours +

Watch this video and you'll know what I'm saying....

Silver gulls...You'll see this all over the island.
 If you're here, please show me if you capture the gulls at the same spot with the same position.  Because I found this photo somewhere, the gulls were at the same spot and same position too. lol.
We have roughly an hour here before catching a return ferry. Penguin feeding, swim, snorkel, picnic, explore nature trails, beach... The weather was too cold for us to do water activities, we went for the penguin feeding show and explored the island.

Check out for the penguin feeding schedule!

Dolphin watching wasn't included in our cruise package but we were so lucky to see dolphins!! The people were nice, followed the dolphins so we could enjoy watching even though we don't pay for it.

The last stop, watch the sea lion. We could only see them from a distance as it was inhibited to cross the border. We were told that the fatter the male sea lion, the more attractive it is to the female sea lion. Hahaha!

10. Fremantle market 

Indulge yourself in the vibrant culture and heritage atmosphere. There are over 150 stalls, from food and beverage to souvenirs. This is a must-see market for locals and tourists. However, certain things were found to be more expensive, such as Mondo Nougat.

#MeganTravelTips Get your Mondo Nougat at the Mondo Nougat retail shop, it's few dollars cheaper.

Big and sweet strawberries: 
$6 for two boxes

Refreshing tea with fruits on top: $10 for two

Ottoman borek, Turkish cuisine
 Feta & spinach $12

11. Yanchep National Park

If you have extra time and there's nowhere to go, you may consider this.
Kangaroos were everywhere at one of the spots. I prefer to play with the kangaroo in Caversham Wildlife Park. Walked to Koala sanctuary. There was a cave - Crystal Cave, an underground limestone cavern with stalactites and stalagmites.

Price: Free entry

Parking: $15

12. Lancelin Sand Dunes

I was excited before we arrived. Looked at the pure white sands rises three storey high. I thought we could have some activities here such as sand boarding. The wind was too strong, the sands kept hitting on our face, our skin... pretty painful. We still made it, we climbed to the top.
The wind getting stronger when we were on top, can barely stand still, decided to go back to the bottom as soon as possible.

We could glide down if we have the sand-board (you can rent from the surf shop). We end up with sands all through our clothes.

We were so close to the double rainbow 

Price: Free entry / 24 hours

13.Hangover Bay

Stopped by here before heading to The Pinnacle Dessert. Spent less than half an hour. Not good weather for water activities. Enjoyed the strong wind and listened to the sound of splashing waves.

15. The Pinnacles Desert

The Pinnacles are limestone formations within Nambung National Park. They were all over the place with different height and sizes. Basically, it's a one-way drive where parking bays were provided for us to stop, explore and enjoy the fascinating true desert landscape on foot.

Just wanted to get some weird shots

Price: $13 / car

16. The honey house

There were around 6-8 types of honey which tasted differently.

Self-service for sample testing~
Tried the Honeycomb ICE CREAM since we were in Honey House, sweet but tasty.

17. Adventure world  

There are two sections, the wet and dry park in Adventure World. It’s recommended to bring your swimwear along in case if you need it.  This is because there are not many rides for the dry park, four adult rides, and a few kid rides and you might get bored of it. So why not go for both if you want to enjoy to the fullest.

The roller coaster ride, Abyss, was really fun and I have gone for three times in a row. Other than that, you will get to experience the Aussie wildlife, learn more about the native animals! Catch the keeper show and meet the kangaroos, dingoes, Emu, wombat, and koalas. No worries if you’re feeling hungry, indulge yourself in a range of food and beverage. Overall, it’s a great day out for young kids.

Price: $57 / person

18. Caversham wildlife park

A must-go wildlife park if you are an animal lover. Take a photo with kangaroos and koalas at zero distance! There are things that you don’t want to be missed such as kangaroo feeding. Check the showtimes for ‘meet the wombat and friends’, ‘meet the koalas’ and ‘farm shows’.

Each show takes about 30 minutes to an hour. I was upset that we're not allowed to carry the koala bear! It’s advisable to spend at least 3  to 4 hours in the Caversham Wildlife Park. Bring a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated!

Price: $28/person

Meet wombat & friends

 Kangaroo feeding

Farm show


Meet the koalas

19. Murray/Hay/King's Street

Shopping streets. Walk around if you’re looking for branded clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, secondhand bookstores, restaurants and much more. You will find brands like Prada, Chanel, Tiffany & Co. etc over here. You might want to shop at Hay Street Mall too, there are great restaurants and shops. You might end up spending a few hours.

Secondhand book shop

20. London Court

A classical open-roofed retailed walkway, located between Hay Street Mall and St George’s. You can find fashion, cafe, jewelry, arts, and crafts here. The unique architectural style has attracted many local and international visitors. It’s an interesting place to visit as the design of the building is what most people enjoy seeing.  So much love for this shopping arcade. Be there early! Shop closed at around 5.30 to 6 pm.

If you have a sweet tooth and interested in trying The Honey Cake, head over to St Georges Terrace & Barrack St, it’s just about 5-10 minutes walk.

21. Crawley Edge Boatshed/ Blue boathouse

A blue boatshed house sits on the Swan River has become an icon for Perth. This is a famous tourist spot that attracts tourists for photo taking or to take Instagram-worthy photos. It’s not easy to pick the right time for not bumping into other tourists as there is always a queue for photo taking. Other than that, you may jog or cycle along the Swan River and enjoy the beautiful sunset in the evening.


22. Elizabeth Quay

23. Bell Tower

24. Kings Park

Large and beautiful inner city parks with different activities offered. Explore the breathtaking Botanic Garden. Series of walking trail through the bushland where you can admire the remarkable flora or wildflowers. Look at the city skyline during the day or traffic and city lights at night, you will not forget the magnificent view. Besides walking around enjoying the scenery, why not choose a spot on the big field, sit down and relax. It’s a great place for a picnic with friends and family. My friends and I bought a bottle of red wine, food, and some snacks to enjoy the breezy weather while enjoying the night view.

25.St Cathedral

It is located in East Perth at the center of Victoria Square. The architectural design of the church is majestic. Stunning looking from far. You may enter during the mass time. It’s pretty convenient if you would like to go shopping or dine in at any restaurants after the visit, you can easily walk to the shopping heaven such as Murray/Hay/King street or London Court.

26. Crown Casino

Sign up the membership card to get $5 for free to gamble. My first time entering a casino, I was excited. Since this was my first time, I have decided to gamble. The first timer should win? Nah...I "sui"...

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