Sick of sitting in hair salon for hours. Sick of the hair chemical smell. Sick of spending so much on hair dying but ended up last for not even a month.

I've tried these two methods without dying my hair with chemical hair dye which is applying Hair chalk and color hair mud. Hair chalk makes my hair frizzy and dry. On the other hand, the color hair mud makes my hair sticky

I've found a solution to color my hair without causing any damage which I'm pretty happy with it. 3CE treatment hair tint is similar to hair treatment cream/ hair conditioner but it comes with color. The smell is pleasant, it leaves my hair smooth too!

3CE hair treatment tint comes with 5 colors!

Baby pink, Natural ash, Apricot Brown, Rose Brown, Chocolate Brown

To achieve the desire bright hair color, bleached hair is necessary or I can say it's a must. Keep in mind that it DOES NOT work on dark color hair.


After washing your hair with shampoo, apply it on towel dry hair. Then, leave it for 5-20mins and rinse with water.


More or less about 7 days.


Long hair- 2 to 3 tubes

Medium length - 2 tubes

*Depends on the thickness of your hair

ROSE BROWN treatment tint

BEFORE: My hair color was light brown
**I've bleached (highlight) my hair previously

AFTER: Love the ombré it creates. 
3 layer of colors that blend really well.

I squeezed maybe a quarter of the tube of treatment tint and applied it at the end of my hair. I have thin hair, one tube is definitely enough for me. Leave it for 20mins which is the max. because I think the longer the better
*I'm able to "dye" my hair for about 5-6 times with a tube (50ml) of 3CE hair treatment tint as I don't use a lot for my thin hair and I'll only dye the bottom part of my hair.

In love with my hair color, rose brown!
 Since it lasts for about 7 days or more, I can change my hair color anytime without damaging it.
 Have fun playing with colors!

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