The first MX4D hall in Malaysia only at MBO, Starling mall. This is my firstttttt ever experience watching a 4D movie in the theater. The MX4D theater features motion seats!

There's built-in motion (front-back and left-right motion), effects that sync together with the action on screens such as seat popper, leg and neck tickler, back poker and immersive environment that comes with a strobe light, wind, fog, and water blasts.

This is similar to the 4D or 5D rides in every theme park but less intense. It constantly popping either my butt or my back as if I'm sitting on a massage chair.  Honestly, great experience!

Ticket price

RM 31.50 / ticket (Pirates of the Carribean)
RM 3.10 / 3D glasses

Choose your seats

There are 4 rows and 4 columns of seats in MX4D hall. Each column has 4 seats attached.
I personally think that the last row or second last rows will be the best as it's not too close to the screen. Choose the center seats (column 2 or 3)! Don't ever choose the most left or most right of the seats in the hall IF possible. Subtitles placement might get you annoyed.

Why it's WORTH watching?

  • It's normally a two hours show that you get to enjoy the motion seats for 2 HOURS! Whereas normal 4D rides cost about rm20++ gave you 30 mins to enjoy.
  • Watching own favorite action movies while having popcorns in MX4D instead of some short 30 mins thrilling/action videos in normal 4D rides
  • I personally think it's fun and I do really enjoy it 

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  1. thanks for your review. it's really useful! <3 I tried to find information about this before I go, but no one write a review yet.

    1. Go try it! I think it's cool. Hahah! Next show should be Transformer 😂

    2. you bought it online or what?

    3. Yes bought online. Ticket sold out really fast =\