Exclusive movie tickets + set meal voucher

Instead of having a usual birthday celebration at one of the restaurants, TGV Indulge came to my mind where imagination meets luxury. Booked everything online and called up for birthday cake preparation. All you need to do it to show your booking number/online ticket from the email on the day itself to redeem movie tickets and the set meal voucher.

Arrived earlier before the movie to dine in Indulge lounge. Everything looks great, pretty, comfortable. Chose our starter and main course, p.s. drinks not included in the voucher.
Meals and drinks are allowed to bring into the theater if requested but I prefer having a meal in the lounge. 


Meal vouchers included one starter and one main course. Click here for TGV Indulge OneUtama Menu

We both ordered grilled sirloin steak with different starters. The steak wasn't the best that I've eaten. I guess. The beef bacon lollipop with jalapenos and cheese in it was good. The cake was just...bad. I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a lava cake but probably a failed one.

Starter: Beef bacon lollipop

Starter: Chicken caesar

 Main course: Grilled sirloin steak

Birthday cake requested =D

The birthday song was played and the cake was served unexpectedly. Everything came in good timing.

 My birthday boy

Movie of the day was "Beauty and the beast" and "Ghost in the shell". I don't know why but I chose Ghost In The Shell and it sucks. 

My first time watching a movie in a luxury lifestyle cinema.  The reclining chair and comforter blankets were given to us. It was so comfortable. There are personalized call-waiter service on every seat as well in case if you wanna order food or drinks. Overall, everything was great.

 Passage to theater 

Inside the theater 

Blur due to extremely dark condition. Spot the blanket!

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