A simple, minimalist food store with an entrance similar to Amsterdam's red light district. Looks like one.
 The neon glow "random food store" exposed a lil on the concrete facade which gives a sense of mystery to passerby.

The combination of bao, ice cream, and brew.  That's how random it is but it works?

Was here for BaoBao rice bowl,  which caught my attention from social media. I have a thing on a mixture of everything with rice.
 Tried their baos and baobao rice bowl, the signature food. Everything was good but it's perfect for light dinner as everything is so mini.


BaoBao Rice Bowl

Rice with the mixture of fried salmon skin, furikake and egg. Not a bad combination.

Great for light dinner as the portion is small.


Soft shell crab Dai Bao, the main course

I was thinking it's gonna be big because of how they named it, who knows it came in a mini size. 

Korean fried chicken bao

Love the sauce in it. This was my fav bao.


Chinese roast duck bao

The common Chinese bao that will be found in most of the Chinese restaurant.


Every Sundae by Cielo Dolci kiosk

Open daily (closed on Tuesday)


One Half coffee

Open daily


Buncit Bao Bar

Open daily (closed on Tuesday)


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