Going to Perth, Western Australia for the first time!

You’ll be able to find my itinerary, where did I stay, transportation, food recommendation and some of my travel tips here. Click for my recommended places to go!

It’s time for Double H Double T go on our second vacation. Let’s go!
Double T 
Chicken lasagne

First meal at the petrol station before heading to our first destination


Day 1 
Perth International Airport > Margaret chocolate company > Willespie wines > Busselton -check in > Cape Lavender Tea House > Cape Leeuwin lighthouse > dinner @ Occy’s Dunsborough

Day 2 
Busselton jetty (whale watching cruise) > Lunch @ Mojo’s restaurant,Bunbury > Marlston Hill Lookout Tower > dinner @ Silk Thai restaurant, Mandurah > Rockingham – check-in

Day 3 
Rockingham skydive > penguin island (penguin and sea lion cruise) > Fremantle War Memorial > Crown Casino

Day 4 
Adventure World > Fremantle market > Dinner @ Kailis Fish Market > crown casino

Day 5 
Caversham Wildlife Park > The Honey House > Mondo Nougat > Murray/Hay/King Street > London Court

Day 6 
Blueboat House > Elizabeth Quay > Lancaster wines > Fremantle e-shed market > lunch @ Kailis Fish Market > picnic @ Kings park

Day 7 
Yanchep National Park > lunch @ Cervantes Lobster Shack > Hangover Bay > The Pinnacles > Lancelin Sand Dunes > Ikea

Day 8 
Breakfast @ Uncle Joe’s mess, Perth city > St Cathedral > Murray/Hay/King Street > London court > The Honey Cake > Corrica Apple Strudel > Perth International Airport


Travel date: 10/10/17 – 17/10/17
Spring season. About 12-18 degree Celcius in the morning-afternoon, 11-15 degree Celcius at night. The wind was strong on few of the days. The temperature went up to 23-26 degree Celcius for two days between the travel date.


  • International charger
  • Lotion/moisturizer
  • Lip balm
  • Sunscreen (Australia has the highest levels of UV radiation)


Day 1: Restawile Motel, Busselton
4 person / night : $104.72 (RM348.72)

Don’t expect it to be a luxury stay, it’s a motel anyway. Overall, nothing fails me. Got a family room for 4 people, 1 queen bed with 2 single beds. 1 big toilet. There’s tv, fridge, tea, coffee…etc.
The boss was friendly, recommended us places to go and eat.
Booked it from

Day 2: Airbnb, Rockingham
4 person / night: RM349.60

In love with this homestay from Airbnb. Everything looks so pretty, so “princess”. The whole second floor belonged to us, 3 bedrooms with 1 toilet. Breakfast was well prepared, we have milk in the fridge, juice, cereals, bread, butter…Our host, Ann, stayed downstairs, didn’t get to interact with her as we checked in late and checked out early the next day.
First bedroom 
Second bedroom 
Third bedroom 


Day 3-8: Airbnb, East Perth               
4 person / 5 nights : RM1496.52

A big house with 3 floors from Airbnb, the host, Sam, and family. They are Indonesian Chinese. Hence, we spoke both languages, English and Mandarin. We were given a big room with 2 queen bed and 1 single mattress. No breakfast provided but we were allowed to use their kitchen.G ood stay.


4 person / 8D7N : RM1681.67

Decided to rent a car since we are traveling north and south. It’s easier and time-saving.
*Malaysians are allowed to drive in Australia with a valid driving license 
Budget Car Rental, it’s the cheapest of all. $16.50 surcharge per day for a driver under 25 years old. We got Hyundai Accents Hatchback for our 8 days 7 nights trip.
Parking rates are different depending on streets/areas. For example, $2.50/30 minutes, this is usually for doctors or emergency parking.
Petrol price changes daily and it depends on areas.


Food portions were big in most of the restaurants. Sharing is recommended for small eaters. For example, 4 people like us, 3 girls 1 boy, we ordered 3 main courses or 2 main courses with 1 appetizer. It’s definitely more than enough.

1. Kailis Fish Market, Fremantle
Weekdays : 8.00am – 8.30pm
Weekends : 8.00am – 9.00pm
Here for ultimate seafood experience. Everyone came here for fish & chips. We should have it too. No doubt, the fish & chips are delicious, fresh! Came here twice, we ordered classic fish & chip and grilled fish & chip on the next visit. Both were nice but I would prefer classic fish & chips. The Tartar sauce was given to us in a small packet, about 3-4 packets per plate. It wasn’t enough. To get more, have to purchase it from the counter. $0.60/packet. Besides fish & chips, I would recommend Seafood chowder in a roll. It’s creamy, drink it warm is the best.

Seafood platter (Classic fish n chips, 4 fried prawns, 4 fried scallop and a bowl of mussels, salad) Everything was fresh. Satisfied. p.s top left: tartar sauce in packet  | $51.90 (+ ordered a drink)
Grilled fish & chips + Mashed peas + Seafood chowder in a roll |  $45.10

2. Lobster shack, Cervantes 

Recommended! Traveled about 140km+ just for this. Thank God that the lobsters were SUPER good. No regrets. Try their prawn ice bucket. They were cold and fresh.

Lobster lover & rice  | $39 Lobster & Chips | $33 Prawn Ice Bucket | $25
Lobster & Chips
Prawn Ice Bucket


3. Occy’s Dunsborough

Recommended by the boss of Restawile Motel. We were told that the pizzas and fried chickens are good. Nice ambiance. Got a pizza, chicken wings and adult size fish & chips for our dinner. Fish & chips came with 4 pieces of fried dory. We were shocked. “How are we going to finish all these” Forced and filled our lil tummy with everything so we don’t waste the food. Still miss the chicken wings here. Delicious.

It was my birthday month. Friends got me a brownie to have a small celebration here. Surprised! Haha.
4. Mojo’s restaurant, Bunbury

Spend some time here at Bunbury after our whale watching cruise at Busselton. Found out that the review for Mojo’s wasn’t bad, decided to give it a try. The food here was good especially their Gnocchi. We were looking for pasta but they don’t have pasta on the menu.

Gnocchi. Recommended! Try this! The cheese, poached eggs, vege go well with the soft dough dumplings.
Pulled pork benedict
5. Silk Thai restaurant, Mandurah
This wasn’t in our plan, randomly choose a restaurant with good reviews around Mandurah as we were all hungry. We chose Thai food, my friend started craving for rice, the typical Asian, haha!
Good ambiance. There was a candlelight on every table. Love how they design the restaurant and the table setting. Green curry was kinda sweet but overall the meal was satisfying.
Rice, Green curry, fish cake, vege  | $61.50
6. Uncle Joe’s mess, Perth City
Craving for a big breakfast. Never had a proper breakfast for the past 7 days. On the last day, we went to a cafe hidden down a laneway with a relaxed and funky atmosphere in King street, Perth, to have a good breakfast. Grab a quick take away coffee / dine in with relaxed vibe or go next door for a new look in the barbershop.
Big breakfast
Pulled pork benedict
Avocado toast
7. Pink duck beach bar bistro 
 After Skydive you’ll get a certificate and some vouchers. This was one of it, dine in here to get free beer/wine. We have 3 vouchers in total, one from each of my friends.
Nachos, lots of cream cheese given. yummm | $16
PD Burger | $ 15.95
Salmon hot rock | $15.95
This salmon was so good. Sizzled right in front of me. Chose the mashed potatoes instead of fries. I’ve made the right choice!


1. Mondo Nougat

Best souvenir to bring home. There’s soft and hard nougat with various flavors. I personally like the soft cranberries pistachio nougat.
#MeganTravelTips: Buy it at the shop itself, I paid extra $3 to buy the same packet of nougat at Fremantle market ~
2. The Honey Cake
Small | $20
Large | $25
MUST TRY!! Perhaps not much people aware of The Honey Cake but this is seriously nice, Taste the honey on every layer of the cake. Every bite was scrumptious. This is the best cake I’ve ever had. Was thinking to buy one original flavor, ended up got both flavors after trying their samples …Two flavors available, original and chocolate.

3. Corrica Apple Strudel
$24 / box
Everyone would make a stop at Perth’s best apple strudel at Corrica’s pastries. Worth trying. Recommended this to my friends who never had it, feedback from them was “good, should have bought 1 extra”. I bought two boxes back for my family and bf family, it’s heavy and lucky enough to have a cooler bag from my friend to prevent the cream in apple strudel from melting. Must keep it in the fridge and usually last for 4-5 days.

4. Megabes, Perth / Fremantle E-Shed Market

A souvenir shop owned by Chinese Australian. Compared to few other souvenir shops around Perth and Fremantle that I went which selling the same products with the same quality, Megabes sells the cheapest. I’ve bought a few T-shirts as a souvenir. For kids t-shirt, it was $10 for two. Bought a hoodie for myself, quality was good.
Found this at E-Shed market
5. Lucas Papaw Ointment 

Bought it at Friendlies Pharmacy for $4.99/tube with $0.99 discount. This is a popular ointment made in Australia from Australian pure papaw.
It’s a local topical application for boils, burns, chafing, open wounds, insect bites, and nappy rash. With it’s antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, great for use on a range of skin complaints.

6. Sunday Market 

Since we have some extra time and wasn’t in a rush while searching for a place to have our brunch, we drove around Elizabeth Quay and found out there was a Sunday market. There was a variety of food to choose from. Got ourselves a pack of blueberry initially to eat while we were walking around. It was fresh and sweet, returned to the stall immediately and repurchased 10 packs. Hahaha! This blueberry bliss can be found in the supermarkets and it’s slightly cheaper but the one we bought here looked nicer and fresher.
$20 for five boxes

7. IGA supermarkets
IGA supermarkets opened 24/7. It’s a franchise supermarket, google search/waze for the one nearest to you. Get your groceries anytime whenever you ran out of food at your homestay/hotel.
Got our drinks, food, and snacks here before heading to Kings Park for a picnic. The alternative choice is COLES SUPERMARKETS which closed at 9 pm.

Don’t forget to click here for my recommended places to go!
#MeganTravelTips Most of the shops in Australia close at 5 pm or 6 pm. There’s not much nightlife, traveling here is more to relax and keep ourselves out from a busy schedule.
So what we did after 6 pm? We went to the casino, a mart that opens for 24 hours, or walked around Perth / Fremantle until 8 pm++. There was one thing that I wasn’t being used to. We went to Ikea (closed at 9 pm) at around 7 pm. Besides the workers and a few shoppers, I don’t see much people, it was empty. In Malaysia, the restaurant in Ikea should be pack full of people, the queue for paying goods should be long and the mall should be crowded at this time.

#MeganTravelTips If you choose to drive in Australia, please follow the rules & regulation. We’ve gotten a traffic infringement notice few weeks after we came back from Australia. $300!! 
Basically, we were not aware that the light was turning to red, the traffic light was showing yellow and we drove past it.


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