Singapore | MY LAST TRIP IN 2017

Singapore – My first impromptu trip!

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This is my first overseas trip with my boyfriend. It was an impromptu trip. Never had any plan until 1 week before the trip, we have decided to fly over to Singapore for 2018 countdown.

Don’t bother to think of getting a cheap flight ticket on last minute. (Maybe not towards the end of the year) Air ticket from KL to SG was expensive, it was RM400+/person when it could be around RM100+/person if we bought it early.

I personally think that RM400+/person for air tix to SG from KL isn’t worth at all. I have suggested that we stop at Johor Bahru and go to Singapore by bus in order to save time and money. KL to JB flight was around RM200+/person, still pretty expensive when it could be less than RM100/person sometimes, but it’s half of the price for KL to SG flight.
Although the process of going to Singapore from Johor Bahru was cheaper and quite easy, we would prefer to take a direct flight to Singapore next time. Haha!

**We were lucky that the queue at immigration wasn’t long, so everything went pretty fast, or else…I couldn’t imagine how many hours we have to spend in the queue

The picture below shows the way to go to Singapore from Senai Airport, it’s easy.

Senai airport to JB Sentral (RM8/about 30-45 minutes)
JB Sentral to Newton, Singapore (RM3.40)

We stayed at my aunt’s house in Singapore for 5 days 4 nights. Didn’t explore many places on the first two days as we spent time together with my family before they went back to Malaysia.
From the third days onwards everything was on our own, traveled by bus and MRT wherever we go, walked so much until I couldn’t feel my legs at night.

#MeganTravelTips GET THIS! Ezlink!

If you’re planning to take public transport especially bus/MRT to travel around, get this EZLINK from 7-eleven. It’s more convenient than to pay every time you board the bus/mrt.

Attractions in Singapore

1. Sentosa

There is a ton of activities await you at Sentosa, plan a day trip here! Impromptu plan again, we took Sentosa Express from VivoCity to Sentosa Beach at around 5 pm so this was the only place we visited in Sentosa. Back to childhood, played with the sand at the beach.
#MeganTravelTips It’s better to spend a full day or at least a half day here in Sentosa.
Sentosa Express ticket
Sentosa Express
Sentosa Beach
Left our handprint on the beach
Pop-Up Night @ Imbiah Lookout
Nonetheless, we caught the Instagram-worthy UV neon art installations at Pop Up Night, Imbiah Lookout. Everything glowed in the dark, it was amazing. We had face painting for super cool glow-in-the-dark photos.
limited time
Before I got my face painted
My final look
Had fun on face & body painting to glow
2. Merlion Park
A Singapore landmark and major tourist attraction. The last time I came here was many years ago, decided to take a photo with merlion again although it was raining. Didn’t get to explore the park due to the bad weather.
Had this random idea HAHA
3. Singapore Flyer

Giant Ferris wheel to enjoy an amazing 360° view of Singapore. Would go for a ride if we have extra time but the rain has slowed our journey. We could only see the Ferris wheel from far.

Afternoon view
Night view. Taken from Garden by the Bay
4. Garden by the Bay
Nature inspiring garden set in the heart of the city. The supertree has somehow become an icon of Singapore, it’s a mandatory place to visit for tourists. There are various attractions, some require entry fees. Click here for more attractions. We were there to kill time while waiting for the countdown. The park is big, if we were to walk to every attraction of the park, it probably took us half a day.

5. ArtScience Museum

The world-class touring interactive art and science exhibitions where art enthusiasts must visit. It was amazing and something different to enjoy. There are two halls, Future world, and Treasures of the Natural world, but it could be more things to visit now. Check out their webpage here for exhibitions, activities and entrance fees. We have visited only The Future World: Where art meets science which is the permanent exhibition. I was really amazed by how they incorporate music into the art of lights.

Marina Bay Sand Hotel (left), Art Science Museum (Right)
6.DonDon Donki

A 24 hours Japanese discount store stocked high with food, beauty and lifestyle items at Orchard Central as if you’re in Japan instead of Singapore. Everything is written in Japanese, of course, there are English translations below, if you’re fancy of Japanese stuff, you may just spend half of your day there. We went into the supermarket but couldn’t really enjoy every single thing because it was too crowded. Went to beauty and lifestyle department, my boyfriend said it’s similar to Daiso. Nooo, it’s way bigger and more variety of products~

7. Prudential Marina Bay Carnival
Singapore largest carnival at Marina Bay with over 40 carnival rides and games separated into two places -The Promontory (near OUE Bayfront and One Fullerton side) and Bayfront Event Space (right next to Marina Bay Sands) from 15th December 2018 to 1st April 2018. It’s been a while since the last carnival was held in Bukit Jalil (M’sia) if I’m not mistaken. The carnival which known as Funfair to me, reminiscing about my childhood memories. My mum used to bring me to funfair quite often when I was a kid.  My boyfriend and I didn’t go for any rides but we played some games, unfortunately, we didn’t win any plushy back because of my lousy skills, hahaha…
8. Marina Casino Singapore
My second time entering a casino. Was here to try my luck but the outcome was……..bad. We won and we lost back. I was upset although we lost only about $30.. someone said “take it as you’re here for fun, not to win a bucket of gold” lol
There are some other places to go such as Universal Studio, Singapore Zoo, and Night Safari and much more. The purpose of this trip was to experience countdown in a different country together, so we didn’t plan much for the trip.

We were all ready for the countdown at night

It was crowded around the bay – around 8pm+

So here’s how we brought down the curtains to closed 2017 and kicked off our 2018 with a bang! Dec 31 treated to hourly fireworks displayed from 8.05pm and you could see it along Marina Bay.

We went to Merlion Park and Garden by the Bay in the morning while waiting for the night to countdown. Unfortunately, it was rainy season in Singapore and it rained the whole day on 31st. Since it was drizzling earlier so I thought it’s fine for not buying an umbrella/ poncho, Regret!! …because we couldn’t find any umbrella/poncho when we need it at around Merlion Park.

More and more people were gathering at around Marina Bay when the sky turned dark.  The rain downpour at around 11pm and it didn’t stop when the final firework galore at the stroke of midnight to ring in 2018. What was worse when we got stuck in The Shoppes, Bayfront during the countdown. I saw only the color of the fireworks from the mall, that’s all about it. Nothing. Couldn’t see anything else. I was so upset and disappointed that I almost squeezed out from the mall but got stopped by my boyfriend. Very upset so we had MCD for supper although it was already 2AM++. Had MCD nasi lemak burger which I wanted to try so badly – satisfied!

Good thing was, we managed to video the 8.05pm fireworks. Not the final fireworks but at least…something. HAHA

Spent our time around Marina Bay before the countdown

After countdown. Look pretty pathetic here, our hair and clothes were wet

Our first overseas countdown ruined but it was indeed a great experience/memory that we will never forget.
*It’s funny when I reflect on the situation of how my boyfriend tried so hard to cheer me up when he was actually very very disappointed but never showed on his face.

#MeganTravelTips Always check the weather forecast and have an umbrella/poncho in my bag for every upcoming trip~


We didn’t get to try all the famous food in Singapore but at least we had a few.
I miss the satay mee hoon, chwee kueh….etc

1. Bak Chor Mee, Bedok
Similar to pork noodle but slightly different in taste.
*Try the mee pok noodles as that’s their specialty.
2. TuTu kueh
My all time favorite!! The first food I’ll look for whenever I’m here in Singapore. It comes in two different fillings, coconut or peanut. People would go for coconut fillings but I’m the opposite, I’ll only have the peanut tutu kueh.

3. Curry Laksa 
What makes me come back for the Laksa was the noodle. They called it “Chu Mee Fen” = “Thick Mee Hoon?”  I’ll definitely have this Laksa for my lunch/dinner at the Giant near my stay (Pasir Ris) when every time I visit Singapore.

That’s all~ 



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