4D3N trip in Osaka, Japan.

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MY Experience in Osaka

  • Most of the places can be reached by train, very convenient.
  • Can’t leave without my sweater especially my scarf because it was really cold
  • Regret for not bringing thermal garment (bottom), legs were numb while walking for few hours on the street
  • Wore 3-4 layers of clothes just to keep myself warm. I’m afraid of cold
  • Communication problem as most of the Japanese do not speak English. Hand gestures are important.
  • We spoke English and they replied in Japanese or vice versa but we understood each other
  • I love the way they promote their food or any promotional items in their shop


Day 1: Dōtonbori 道頓堀  / Shinsaibashi 心斎橋  /  Ebisubashi-suji 戎橋筋商店街
Day 2: Namba walk 難波 / Osaka Castle 大阪城
Day 3: Nara Park 奈良公園 / Tōdai-ji 東大寺 / Kasuga Taisha 春日大社 /Spa world 世界の大温泉

It’s winter season. Love the sweater weather!
It was 8 to 10 degree Celsius in the afternoon and about 4-6 degree Celsius at night.

Booked a home stay in Nipponbashi through Airbnb.
Suitable for a family or a group of friends up to 6-8 person.
About 10-15 mins walking distance from our apartment to the Nippombashi railway station.
#MeganTravelTips Prefer to stay somewhere near the main city/town.

Kansai Airport → Namba (via Nankai line) → Nippombashi (via Sennichimae line)

 train ticket
Stopped here for lunch before heading to our apartment 
Paid and chose our ramen flavor from the machine

walking to our apartment from Nippombashi railway station
Our apartment!

#1 Dōtonbori 道頓堀
Eat your way through Dōtonbori! This is a popular nightlife and entertainment area. Large illuminated signboards can be seen everywhere. You can spend the whole evening or night here for night time shopping. Other than that, there are plenty of restaurants.
(connected to Namba/ Ebisubashi-suji/ Shinsaibashi)

>>Walk from Nipponbashi  →  Nippombashi station → Namba station (via Sennichimae line)

 Shinsaibashi 心斎橋 (Link to Dōtonbori 道頓堀)
A covered bustling shopping street at the north of Dotonbori. There’variety of shops with both local independent boutiques and well-known brands such as Zara, Bershka, Forever 21 and H&M.


Ebisubashi-suji 戎橋筋商店街 (Link to Dōtonbori 道頓堀)
It’s linked by a street from Shinsaibashi.
Another shopping area with department stores, fashion specialty shops, high level movie theaters,  fashion specialty shops, traditional shops, restaurants and bars.

#2 Namba walk 難波 
An extensive and straight shopping avenue from the Subway Nippombashi Station on the east to the Namba Station on the west.

>>Nippombashi station  → Namba station

porcelain panel paintings, of the art works in the Art Institute of Chicago along the walk

Curry katsu don! Fav!

#3 Osaka Castle 大阪城
A most famous landmark and sightseeing spot for tourists.
There are two ways of going up to the top of the castle, by elevator or stairs.
#MeganTravelTips It’s best to take the stairs down, there are different shops or things to see in every levels.

>>Namba  Sennichimae line (for nodahanshin side)  Tanimachi 9-chome → Osaka castle (tanimachi 4-chome) 





View taken from the top of castle


#4 Nara Park 奈良公園 

A home to hundreds of bowing-deer roaming freely in the public park located in the city of Nara. There’s so many deer! Everywhere!
It’s fun to feed them. Get special deer cracker which cost around 100-150 yen from the small stalls along the road.
The reason why they were called as “bowing deer” because they literally bow to ask for food.#SoCute
#MeganTravelTips Beware of things that keep in your pocket or backpack especially the brochure/leaflet, hungry deer might bite it.

>>Nippombashi → Nara 
(interchange station in between)

Deer are everywhere

This deer is so photogenic

Tōdai-ji 東大寺 (Located in the Nara Park)
It’s a Buddhist temple.
Besides having one of the largest bronze statue of Buddha, there is a pillar with hole in its base which makes it a popular attraction. The hole is the same size as the Buddha’s (Daibutsu) nostril. It is said that enlightenment will be granted in the next life for those who can squeeze through this opening.
I almost stuck in the hole! Going side way not a problem haha!
There are stalls selling souvenirs too.

 Kasuga Taisha 春日大社 (Located in the Nara Park)
Nara’s most celebrated shrine, famous for its lanterns.
Many bronze and stone lanterns that lit twice a year during two Lantern Festivals( Early February and mid August). I don’t get to see that
The shrine offering hall can be visited free of charge but there is a paid inner area which provide a closer view of the inner buildings.
I walked around outside of the shrine as everything were closed. Was late.

#5 Spa world 世界の大温泉
Entry price: ¥1,200
Locker: ¥100 coin

23 hours hotspring! Excellent place to relax after a long day.
There’s open air and indoor onsens, fitness gym, stone spas, saunas, jacuzzi, sleeping room, kids park, game room, pool and hotel.
Males and females were separated in different level.
Everyone has to be naked! Literally naked!
Not a good idea to walk out nakedly for open air onsens during winter, it was freezing cold, but the moment when I get into the onsens, it was so so so comfortable.
I’ve spent a few hours there to try different onsens, jacuzzi and sauna at night.

>> Nippombashi station → Tengachaya line → Dobutsuen-mae 

Other recommended places….. which I’m not able to go =/

#6 Universal studios Japan
#7 Instant Ramen Museum (make your own cup noodles)
#8 Pokemon Centre Osaka
#9 Kuromon-Ichiba Market (most popular food market and must eat street snacks)
#10 Umeda (largest departmental stores and underground malls) & Umeda Sky Building (towering skyscraper stretching 173 metres tall)
#11 Orange street (best for cafe lovers and hipster shoppers!)
#12 Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan


#MeganTravelTips Not recommended for taking cab if it’s going to be a budget trip.
Flagfall was ¥680 which is pretty expensive.
Most of the places can be reached by bullet train or express train, so why not?

Get your ticket here
Train ticket
Train station
Vending machines 


#1 Taiyaki 鯛焼き
Japanese fish-shaped cake. The most common filling are red bean paste and sweet potato paste.Crispy skin with hot filling makes it perfect especially during winter. This is good <3 Sweet potato flavor was my favorite. Bought it every time when I walked back to my homestay.

#2 Daikisuisan 大起水産回転寿司
A conveyer belt sushi bar, perfect for a quick stop.
Sushi are fresh Tuna sushi should be popular here. It’s thick!
Price range from 100 yen to 500 yen.

 super thick tuna cost 500 yen/plate

Crab soup

#3 Takoyaki (たこ焼き)
Must try street food! Thumbs up for this!
The queue was long. Always.

Order your takoyaki here
#4 World’s second best freshly baked melon pan ice cream  (世界で2番めにおいしい焼きたてメロンパンアイス)
The pop up store spotted near the end of the street of Dotonburi. Seeing people queuing up for it makes me wanna try it so badly. Eating ice-cream during winter was totally fine! Honestly, it’s niceeee. Must try!

Other food stalls …

Food that I’ve ordered from other stalls

#4 Okonomiyaki
Another must try street food in Osaka.
I’ve missed a chance to try this out! T.T

#5 Soup from vending machines
Vending machines are everywhere along the streets and train stations.
There’s hot and cold drinks and even warm soup!
Tried a few corn soups from different vending machines, some weren’t nice (too much of pepper) but some were nice.

Corn soup. 
Red bean soup

Vending machines

#6 Ramen restaurant
Passed by while I’m on my way back from World Spa.
A small restaurant selling ramens.
It was 3am midnight and the restaurant was still full of night hunters!
Ramens were good, better than the previous one I had.
Good meal after relaxing at World Spa.

Make your order
#7 Other must-try street foods
  • Stalls in Osaka Castle Park

Must try! Super good!
  • On my way to Nara Park

mini egg sponge cake

  • A stall in Nara park that sells only Udon and Mochi for dessert
The mochi is GOOD x1000000!


Don’t steal my ice-cream~
Matcha ice cream <3
Nippombashi station → Tengachaya, change to Nangkai line → kansai airport
Ticket from Tengachaya to Kansai airport


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