Hidden bar… everywhere, can you find them?

My friends and I decided to stop by at a speakeasy bar to talk and chill after our dinner on a Friday night. Shuang Xi came into our mind since none of us have been here. Luckily reservation for 4 people in a very last minute was available. It’s compulsory to make a reservation.


GPS-Waze brought us here, the shops were all closed and the street was dark. Guess where’s the bar? We were there lingering, looking for the entrance until a guy pointed it. Haha…

No shoes allowed. Space is limited, some were sitting on the chairs and some were on the floors. A very cozy space and casual environment for everyone to gather and talk. A big screen was playing the music videos and the songs suit the mood well.

There are 3 categories for the main beverages: No alcohol, single shot, and double shots. We ordered 4 different single shot cocktails. My favorite was “Qi Bao” and “Ji Le”.

First row: Non-alcohol. Second row: Single shot and followed by double shots
Meaningful names
One of my favorites – Qi Bao

If you’re an alcoholic, I would suggest you go for double shots cocktails. Single shot cocktails are mild, very mild.

us again, double H double T


Make a reservation (014-944 5130) to make sure there are seats available and no other ongoing events. Payments are in cash term. Operation hours: 9 pm to 3 am (Monday off)

Shuang Xi 
177, Jalan Tun H S Lee, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur



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