Day 1

It took us about an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur to Seremban. Stopped by Lucky King Bun for their famous curry chicken bunThe portion is good for 4 person.

 Favorite snack before meal

 Complimentary dessert after leaving comment on trip advisor

Checked in to Awan Mulan at around 3pm.

#MeganTravelTips: Contact them before going deep in, they will send someone down to open the gate for us. The line was really bad at that area, there’s no service for most of the telco.


We were the only one there on that Friday. The host brought us around to see all the rooms with different designs since there’s no other tourists/visitors. Some of it has name and story behind it. This beautiful place and every rooms were designed by his son (architect). The furniture and every little things that they used were all antique, unique and really nice. It came from different places. Nonetheless, the best part was having the whole swimming pool by ourselves on that day. We had a good time chilling and taking photos. No one was there disturbing or maybe photo bomb in our photos.

Basically, there’s nothing much here. All we did was taking photos, enjoy the pool and relax. Hence, 2 days 1 night is definitely enough. Clear our mind and free from the busy city life. However, Awan Mulan is a great place for relax and bonding because the internet coverage and the line were limited. We can barely use our phone, probably that’s the down side of staying here.

For a person who attracts mosquitoes easily, #MeganTravelTips it’s a MUST to bring along a good mosquito repellent. Mosquito repellent was provided by the host, unfortunately it doesn’t help at all. I got more than 10 or 15 bites on my legs. *CriedJust me. 3 of my friends were totally fine! They probably got a few bites or maybe none. This is so unfair!

We were sleeping in an open air room which was facing the forest. Trees transpire and cool our surroundings. It’s pretty cold at night even there’s no fan or air conditioner.

I was sleeping soundly until I heard the noise of a big beetle right beside my bed. I was frightened.

A path going to where we stay.

A room for more people…

Going down..that’s our room on the right.

Connected room for 4 of us. 

A lot of bugs at night but thanks to the mosquito net.

Blanket tied with leaf. Creative!

Dining table

A good place to see the mother nature

Backyard for bbq 



The host showed us this biggest room saying that this was built for his retirement

 Everything is in opened air concept.

Named as Durian Runtuh because there’s durian trees in front of this house and the durians fall during the durian season.

Swimming pool area

 Bbq area

Another swimming pool on the other side facing sun rise

Bbq area

Feel free to use the kitchen. Kitchen utensils, microwave and refrigerator were provided.

Cooked our simple and nice dinner with the ingredients that we bought earlier at Aeon. Everything was ready within an hour.

Prepared all by ourselves

Delicious dinner were prepared!

Starter: Mushroom soup

Main course: Pasta and fried chicken/salmon.

Side dishes: Steamed broccoli, potatoes and salads

Desserts: Blueberry cake and egg tarts

We had cut fruits and red wine as well!

Day 2

The host knocked our door saying “BREAKFAST” at around 8am or 8.30am.

Nasi lemak for breakfast is just so malaysian style~ The rendang chicken was good!

It’s time for taking good pictures again after breakfast to kill time. Checked out at 12pm and head back to KL.

Here’s our breakfast, nasi lemak with rendang chicken with a few packets of Nescafe

 So beautiful but there’s a lot a lot of mosquitoes T.T

#MeganTravelTips : My personal travel tips and recommendations

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